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Vancouver based consultant, blogger and author, Shane Gibson, recently posted a great podcast that discusses 26 ways to measure social media ROI. What resonates with me is the connection between online social networking and being social in your physical community. Some people ignore or abandon social media because of its digital nature – they might not view the benefits of online social networking in the same way they see the ROI of being a member at their local Chamber of Commerce. In my opinion, online social media and face-to-face networking need to be viewed through the same lens.

So, I might make it my mission to post as much Social Media ROI statistics, presentations, case studies and infographics as I can find over the coming months. You should measure the ROI in social media in the same way you do when you invest money in any other area of the business. The benefits of handling customer service socially is huge, stupidly affordable and 10x faster.
What is needed is a simple framework to whittle down all this noise into metrics that matter.

In theory, using a few standard performance indicators sounds like a good solution but the problems lies in the fact that social media measurement needs to connect to the objectives of the organization.

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