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If you choose to work with a staffing agency that specializes in the welding field, you can take advantage of their extensive experience and expertise to find a job. Welding wire is continuously fed from a spool while burning, melting and eventually fusing together with the base and parent metals. The TIG process uses welding rods that are slowly fed into what is called a welding puddle. Structural welding is needed to maintain the integrity of complex structures that rely on precisely placed welds in order to safely support the weight and design of the structure.
Do not underestimate the need to grind out the cracks and clear the debris, which reduces the need to restart the welding process.
But working with staffing agencies that specialize in Colorado welding careers can help you find the job of your dreams much quicker than you had imagined. Navigating the job market is not always an easy task, but our welding staffing experts are dedicated to making the perfect match between company and employee!

Our experienced staffing teams helps match you with with welding positions that meet your needs. In terms of sophistication and complexity, MIG welding is far easier than its TIG counterpart.
While a welder will normally deal with thinner metals, there is the possibility of pipe welding or doing heavier tasks with the TIG method.
Some of the structures that commonly require structural welding include telecommunication towers, commercial and residential buildings, and bridges. Some positions will welcome the opportunity to train a welder on the specifics of a job to ensure the welding will meet their expectations.
Welders who can combine a fast-pace with quality work are in the highest demand for welding jobs today. A more powerful unit will be necessary to handle heavier welding jobs, such as pipe welding.

While they are both used often in the field, the main difference is the way in which the metal used during the welding process is fed.
A person would not want to perform regular, at-home welding with the TIG method because it is simply too slow and tedious. We keep our jobs updated frequently to present you with the best and newest welding opportunities!

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