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Average Creative Arts Therapist salaries for job postings in Washington, DC are 25% higher than average Creative Arts Therapist salaries for job postings nationwide. You can include this smaller version of your results on a webpage by cutting-and-pasting the code below. Average Enrollment Recruiter College Arts Science salaries for job postings in Washington, DC are 25% higher than average Enrollment Recruiter College Arts Science salaries for job postings nationwide. Artistic media has continually evolved, and the rise of technology and the digital age has, in many ways, altered the way that modern creative types can approach visual arts.
The growing development and popularity of consumer technology may play heavily into the development of art education in the coming years.
Since art education is so closely tied in with other education-related graduate degrees, it's not uncommon for graduates to pursue careers in a school environment, whether at the K-12 or postsecondary level.

In the private sector, art education graduates may choose to work for companies as an art director. My many critics responded that the wage premium for a college graduate is higher than ever. Art educators are responsible for preparing the new generation of visual artists to fit into the changing artistic world.
As such, prospective students should expect the prerequisites to be similar to those of standard master's programs in teaching.
The BLS reported a 2012 median annual salary for this profession of $80,880, with an estimated 3 percent growth in jobs by 20224. Rather than disappearing or shrinking, the practical applications of art today have merely shifted in focus.

Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that high school teachers earned a 2012 median annual salary of $55,050, with an expected 6 percent increase in jobs through 20221.
This shift may open up careers for those interested in art education along a variety of possible career axes, whether students' career aspirations lie in the public or private sectors.
At the college and university level, the 2012 median annual salary was $68,970, with an expected 19 percent growth rate for jobs by 20222.
The graph above shows the average cognitive load of the work that college students are doing.

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