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The Vox product team has grown quite a bit over the years, and with growth comes a great opportunity for local college students to hone their skills through our internship program. Vox Media is always on the lookout for talented college students to join our team and help us build the next generation of Vox products. We asked five of our DC-based design interns to tell us about their experience since joining Vox Media.

Ally Palanzi, American University Seeing as most internships sound pretty unglamorous, I wasn’t really sure what to expect before arriving at Vox Media in May.
I’ve gotten to really feel what it’s like to be part of a team working on a huge project - which is probably the most valuable skill I’ll take from this internship.
Katharine Molloy, Temple University Being an Intern at Vox means doing real work, not getting coffee or doing grunt work.

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