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Credit card company Visa says it will build a new IT center in Austin, bringing almost 800 jobs to the area within five years. The stronger (or at least louder) testimony opposed the incentives, most coherently by Paul Robbins, who pointed out that the office site Visa plans to renovate is in the Round Rock Independent School District (therefore, not to the benefit of Austin ISD) and that the proposal in effect supports "unsustainable growth" for a town already burdened with high housing and utility costs. The rest of the opposition was mostly incoherent ranting, featuring "former candidate for mayor and investigative journalist" Clay Dafoe loudly denouncing this "criminal theft" and ordering the Council to vote against it*[see note below], and a bit later former Council candidate Laura Pressley questioning the deal's math and its apparent "subsidy" of relatively high-wage jobs.
Prior to the vote, there followed a brief colloquy between Council Member Laura Morrison and Chamber of Commerce spokesman Jeremy Martin on mutual efforts to recruit (or help educate) more high-tech employees for these kinds of jobs.
Central Texas has a highly skilled workforce and its a big reason why Austin continues to attract employers from all over the world and why our job market remains one of the best in the country.

If you work for one of the large corporations or just relocating to Austin, I’ve helped many families purchase their dream home here and I’d love to help you too!
The expansion plans include an $8 million capital expenditure and the potential of leasing office space in North Austin.
Average Visa salaries for job postings in Austin, TX are 6% lower than average Visa salaries for job postings nationwide. Robbins said he had supported incentives for the solar industry, because the industry currently requires government support and "makes Austin better" and a model for other cities.
Morrison noted that the Visa proposal called for 70% local hires, and said she hoped that would not indirectly create unfair competition for other local businesses.

Dell, Samsung, IBM, AMD, Google, Facebook and many other well-known corporations have a large presence in Austin. Perry is using $7.9 million dollars from the Texas Enterprise Fund to entice Visa to Austin.
Visa’s side of the agreement includes those new jobs and making about $27 million dollars in capital investments in Austin.

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