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Jackson Virtual Solutions provides custom online business management services that allow Solopreneurs to better concentrate on their bottom line. The most important thing about the people we assist is that they understand that they have reached a point in their business where they realize that they can no longer do everything themselves and that they need assistance.
Lisa Jackson and Jackson Virtual Solutions has helped me tremendously with marketing and advertising material for my company for several years.
About JVSJackson Virtual Solutions specializes in business operation and administrative solutions for real estate professionals, speakers, coaches and presenters. You should treat hiring a virtual assistant the same as bringing on another member of your team.
One of the common mistakes with working virtual assistants is that they misinterpret the task.

As with any member of your team, you want your virtual assistant to grow with your company. An interesting move I’ve made with our virtual assistants is asking them their opinion on decisions. You’ll find that virtual assistants love working on tasks that teach them new skills and allows them to grow.
For starters, make sure the company you are working with only gives you assistants who know your language.
To promote this, try assigning more creative tasks to your virtual assistants once you get to know them. At Jackson Virtual Solutions, we proudly offer our clients professional, reliable service along with impeccable support.

One thing to check is how much time it’s taking for your virtual assistant to complete assignments. With some of our virtual assistants, I’ll even ask them what they are most interested in learning. Over time, the closer you get to your virtual assistant, the more you’ll see them as a member and asset to your team. Once you find a virtual assistant who goes above and beyond on the assignment, you’re ready to bring them on board.

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