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Viral marketing is a form of promotion based on the free circulation of ideas via a word of mouth process.
Distribution: Viral content spreads like virus, in an ever expanding loop which may never end. Reach: A successful viral marketing campaign may exponentially increase the reach of your communications by placing you in touch with thousands of prospects which, with your traditional communication approach, you might not have ever intercepted. Cost: Viral marketing is relatively inexpensive as you do not have to plan a huge budget to promote your products or start campaigns that meet the needs of all your potential customers. To help you make sense of what are the key traits and components that create the conditions for a successful viral marketing campaign, this MasterNewMedia guide shares a highly curated selection of the best analysis, reports and published research on the web on the topic of viral marketing.
Viral marketing is an idea that spreads and that while it is spreading actually helps market your business or cause.
In this PDF Manifesto, Seth Godin outlines what viral marketing is about: "Establish a foundation and process where interested people can market to each other. This study, conducted by three academic researchers in 2007 demonstrates how viral marketing proves to be more effective than traditional person-to-person recommendation networks when it comes to reach customers in the long run.

If you want to market, promote or advertise your product or service in ways that will cost you nothing compared to traditional campaigns, you should check out the viral marketing advice shared by David Meerman Scott, the author "World Wide Rave", in this video interview recorded with me, Robin Good.
Learn how "viral" principles can be applied to advertising by planning a series of marketing efforts directed towards creating a piece of content that self-replicates on the web while promoting your product or service at zero cost. David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, shares his formula for viral marketing success: a combination of web content (a video, blog entry, interactive tool, or e-book) that provides valuable or compelling information plus a network of people to light the fire and links that make your content very easy to share. Understand how so-called "viral marketing loops" allow you to acquire new customers in such unobtrusive ways that it doesn't look like marketing to others.
Originally prepared by Robin Good, Daniele Bazzano and Elia Lombardi for MasterNewMedia, and first published on July 13th, 2010 as What Is Viral Marketing: Key Principles And Strategies. For an online marketer, spreading content endlessly from person to person represents a superior strategy to promote content at a fraction of the effort and costs required by traditional marketing techniques.
In this article Seth Godin shares his definition of viral marketing, with particular emphasis of differentiating "viral" from "marketing".
Jennifer Laycock explains to you why you should focus on viral marketing - and not word of mouth - to create contagious content.

A collection of relevant definitions from multiple sources that will help you to make sense once and for all of what viral marketing really is.
The truth behind the popularity of many video sensations is a well-prepared marketing strategy which has nothing or little to do with the ability of content to self-replicate on the web. In this article you will learn why everyone wants to understand the "how" of a successful viral marketing campaign and what benefits a viral marketing campaigns can generate for your website content. While an effective viral marketing strategy may not contain all six elements, the more it embraces, the more powerful the results are likely to be. In this MasterNewMedia guide on viral marketing you can learn and understand the basic principles, foundations and strategies at the heart of effective online viral marketing.

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