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Improved vehicle system quality and electronic diagnostic capabilities, such as OBD-II, have made managing vehicle maintenance an easier task for fleet managers versus several decades ago.
Improvements in vehicle system quality since the 1990s also played a significant role in vehicle maintenance.
Strom of GE agreed, noting the impact of technology such as repair facility diagnostic tools and vehicle diagnostic trouble codes in the early to mid-1990s.
One challenge, however, with the advancement of vehicle systems is the shortage of drivability mechanics, who perform the more difficult repairs and reduce comebacks. In a push to decrease maintenance costs and increase the fleet’s overall MPG — and with the help of telematics data — this public utility’s fleet manager is putting a proposal together that would move the owned fleet to a full lease program.
With a total fleet count of nearly 90 vehicles, the Rancho California Water District (RCWD) has always owned its fleet, but that could all change as field services manager for meter, facilities and fleet Bill Barnes works on a proposal to transition the fleet to a full lease program.
RCWD’s fleet mostly consists of light- and medium-duty vehicles, with a few heavier pieces of equipment for pipeline maintenance as well as a vactor truck. Aside from rising maintenance costs, Barnes says that increasing the fleet’s overall MPG is also a goal in switching to a lease program.

The utility does in-house maintenance and one of the two mechanics has been there for 26 years — and is getting ready to retire. Taking maintenance out of an in-house operation, or at least not full time, is partly what kick-started RCWD’s leasing considerations. So, Barnes contacted a fleet management and leasing company, Enterprise Fleet Management, which he has now met with at least half a dozen times over the last six months. Fleet manager Bill Barnes, is working on a proposal to transition the fleet to a full lease program. Getting higher-MPG vehicles into fleet is another top reason Barnes is pushing for a leasing program. The system provides access to data from the engine control unit and offers a valuable source of information when troubleshooting problems inside a vehicle.
The utility’s current fleet replacement guidelines call for a vehicle to be 12 years old and have at least 150,000 miles on the odometer. But Barnes quickly realized by looking at maintenance records that with an older fleet, this would prove difficult.

By looking at vehicles in the fleet from 2004 and other older vehicles, he says that you could make the argument that about 20% of RCWD’s fleet costs would be made up just in fuel savings alone. Having an older fleet, though, can mean higher maintenance costs as warranties expire and vehicles are more prone to breakdowns. This would increase over the next five years to about 15 vehicles annually until the whole owned fleet (minus the heavy equipment) is retired. So, he looked at those numbers and was able to identify the vehicles being underutilized, and in what ways they could consolidate those vehicle uses into what now operates as a small motor pool program. From there, he will present the yearly corrective maintenance costs on the older vehicles and the cost of replacing owned vehicles every year based on current cycles. But, his work really began a few years ago, when he started tracking fleet data through Verizon Networkfleet as well as his own data tracking and analyzing it — from fuel efficiency to fleet utilization and maintenance costs.

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