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That's no surprise to highway officials, who admit it's probably the worst stretch of interstate pavement in Hampton Roads. By spreading the paving dollars around the region instead of on just one project, highway officials can come closer to meeting the state's goal of allowing no more than 18 percent substandard road pavement. A review of VDOT's paving practices was recently completed by the state's Auditor of Public Accounts. Two years ago, the state developed its Asset Management System, which annually sends out vans with sensors to measure distresses in the pavement and assigns a rating to every section of state-maintained roadway. In an era of scarce resources would'nt over $300 mil have been better spent on the roads that actually move people and goods.
Bowed by furious motorists, a state transportation official struck an apologetic tone Monday about his agency's role in a massive weekend traffic jam and announced the suspension of two road projects until a better plan is developed. Thousands of people on the Peninsula inched along for hours Saturday as they tried to get to South Hampton Roads with two of three crossings closed for weekend maintenance work. She was among the many motorists who took to social media or a telephone to castigate VDOT and question its planning acumen. The agency has a policy of avoiding interstate work during tourist season, said Brooke Grow, a VDOT spokeswoman. The reason, VDOT said, was that the James River Bridge requires parts to be fabricated for each direction, and they are not interchangeable.

VDOT had publicized the dual weekend closures through various media, but Kilpatrick said the agency must do a better job with warning the public. WTKR is reporting that the HRBT and JRB won't be closed at the same time this weekend (indicating that one would be closed and one would be open) and Pilot is reporting that VDOT is suspending work on both the HRBT and JRB. The current VDOT Administration in the Suffolk District has forgotten its priorities to "Keep Virginia Moving"!!! Great example of a poor decision (assume the only way to work on the roads - that are not going anyplace -- is to close down two major arteries), followed by poor planning (tell me that the traffic patterns in Hampton Roads are that misunderstood that our government arm charged with traffic could not predict this in advance and develop a plan that would minimize the disruption, e.g. To Samoyed --- Note for info that the Commissioner "Head" of VDOT is APPOINTED by Gov Bob McDonnell, a Republican.
Point is still valid, only proves that government running things like health care is a bad idea when something like this is done to the roads. The road is so far gone that it practically needs to be rebuilt, which the state cannot afford.
By spreading a thin asphalt overlay, the life of the road surface can be extended by about five to seven years, said Tom Tate, VDOT pavement management engineer.
Tate said VDOT can't just spread a layer of asphalt on top of that section of highway because it has failing concrete and is in an urban area with many overpasses, bridges and median barriers, which means the height of the road bed cannot be raised. Twice in the past decade, the auditor has urged the state to develop a standardized, automated system for grading and fixing roads.

In VDOT's Hampton Roads district, the grades are combined with other information including location, age and paving history to develop priorities, Tate said. But the road would be better if only those who fix the roads, patched them right and smoothed out the patch with a roller instead of just tamping it down. I ride a small(50cc) scooter and can't do the interstate.But let me tell you, the side roads are just as bad. That's clear that we underestimated that," said Charlie Kilpatrick, chief deputy commissioner for VDOT.
It was originally scheduled to be done by Memorial Day, but complaints from the public about it conflicting with graduations and other events prompted VDOT to delay the work until after Labor Day. Both the northbound and southbound lanes will need to be closed for the work, leaving many to wonder why VDOT didn't schedule the northbound work first, so the southbound lanes could remain open while the eastbound HRBT lanes closed. As a matter of policy, VDOT said it will no longer close more than one of those three major crossings at the same time. In the past at VDOT, we would have never even considered such a stupid stunt as to close two of three major crossings to the Southside.

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