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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday September 24, 2015 – Barbados will strengthen its social safety net for its poorest citizens and improve labour market training opportunities with a US$10 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). In addition, it will aid 8,000 Barbadians seeking jobs by providing access to improved job counseling services, better local labour market information, and offering demand-driven technical training courses for unemployed youths. Some simple job hunting tips can help to provide structure to your search using online recruitment, making you more attractive as a candidate to an employer.
Landing on a job search website, you’ll notice there are options of which sectors to search for vacancies in. Using the resume template, create 3 resumes tailored to your specific job targets within the same industry. Job hunting is extremely competitive and online recruitment sites can be quite daunting to begin with. Organizational skills are the key to online job seeking, not only do they demonstrate a valuable quality but they also structure your job search.

There are often so many different options that people don’t narrow down their targets, they merely apply for every job in every sector.
A resume template should include all your basic information such as qualifications, contact information and a snippet of background information which isn’t specific to any job role. Creating resumes which are tailored to the job specifics are far stronger than a generic resume.
This effectively, could be the employer’s first impression of you, meaning social profiles could be a vital aspect for your job seeking. Including details of your interests related to the industry you’re targeting will prove you are truly interested in the job roles you have applied for.
This makes your job search easier to manage, but also gives you a main objective in your quest for employment.
Online resumes should be industry specific but not job role specific (unless you’re adamant that’s the role for you).

There are organisations such as Connexions who can help young job seekers to begin their search and provide advice on choosing which career path to take. If you have a resume online and send out a contradicting different resume directly to an employer, they may search your name online and find the original resume. Although social profiles can be a positive networking strategy for job seeking, those with too much personal information can deter potential employers from seeing your professional side before your personality.

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