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These engineers design ways to extract oil and gas from beneath the earth's surface, and they also try to wring more oil and gas from older wells.Petroleum engineers have been in high demand as fracking took hold across America.
That often includes the design of a movie set or of the overall visual style of a film.For some directors, a big part of their jobs is keeping the work within a budget while at the same time juggling designers, location sites and construction workers. But the ones that know how to explore the earth for oil and gas deposits are very valuable to the energy industry, and they are paid accordingly.But like petroleum engineers, these geoscientists may not be in such demand these days with the price of oil hitting lows not seen in years.

A handful of those jobs are unusual and don't keep you trapped in a cubicle all day crunching numbers. Fewer still are the jobs that are interesting and don't require advanced degrees.We turned to 2012 compensation figures (the latest data available) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify nine unusual jobs that earn at least $100,000 a year.

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