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Marketing professionals rely on the use of media to deliver messages about their products and services. There are other significant differences between traditional media and social media to consider, as well. Although, traditional media and social media are quite different, they both have some of the same, or similar, objectives.
The comparison of traditional media and social media remind us that social media cannot replace traditional media nor can traditional media alone adequately meet the expectations of a digital age. I had never considered the importance of combining the two types of media until this lecture.

This entry was posted in Mass Communication: Social Media and tagged Communication, Facebook, facebook analytics, facebook history, facebook target audience, facebook use, integrating social media, intro to social media, leia, leia hill leia agnew hill livinglifeasleia socialsavvy, Social Media, univeristy of florida. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Traditional Media, you can find a detailed info-graphic depicting more of the things discussed here and in lecture. There are clear benefits to both types of media, but it is important to understand the similarities and differences between the two to better utilize them.
Both traditional and social media want to reach the consumer, but they accomplish that in very different ways.

I think we are just beginning to see marketers and business leaders not only investing in social media, but combining the use of social media with traditional media to cover the full spectrum of communication.

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