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If you’ve found great success with traditional media, you’re probably concerned by the idea of abandoning them for new media—even if these new methods promise better results. Within the last few years, new terms have been coined to discuss traditional marketing methods and modern ones.
Consumers have also become less receptive to traditional media now that they are able to tune it out. Even if you don’t currently rely on it as a marketing method, chances are good that you know what social media is and how it works. The biggest advantage of social media is that it allows you to have one-on-one, unfiltered conversations with potential customers. When you invest in social media, you don’t have to necessarily create a page or profile on each and every network. No matter how you use social media, or which networks you choose to try, it’s crucial to not forget that your presence online requires attention. As we mentioned, many marketers are finding that traditional and outbound marketing methods are losing their effectiveness over time. Many companies have found that one or two traditional media methods still work very well for them.
We hope you found this page helpful and educational on the topic of new and traditional media, and the new methods you should be considering for your marketing plan.
In 2008, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai were communicated more quickly on Social Media sites than on the TV screen.

Of course, there is something to be said for these outlets independently verifying the news, but the the fact of the matter is that there was a report out there, filed by the police department and BNOnews was able to get it and send it out via Twitter much, much faster than any traditional news source. The potential of social media (such as Twitter) is transforming the way we communicate in our respective countries. Media companies will also be looking to partner up in order to pool resources and keep costs low. For decades, large North American- and European-based companies have made significant investments in emerging markets, and foreign direct investment (“FDI”) inflows lately have increased in developed, developing and transitional economies.
As the British media enthusiastically reports on the conflict, the ongoing supermarket war in the United Kingdom is taking its toll on small food and drink suppliers.
Long disparaged as a forum for sharing silly videos and endless opining, social media channels like Twitter and Facebook are becoming increasingly important to energy company bottom lines. These methods are mostly said to deliver better results than the methods known by the name “traditional media” (or even “old media”). This is what has led to the rise of new media and digital marketing methods—and the decrease in popularity of some of the traditional methods you know well. New media, also called digital media, consists of methods that are mostly online or involve the Internet in some sense. These terms are outbound marketing, which typically lines up with traditional advertising, and inbound marketing, which aligns with new media.
Now that potential customers can use new channels like the Internet, websites, and social media to research and discuss companies, they can choose to draw their own conclusions on where to take their business—and to ignore advertising that suggests otherwise.

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram are used by businesses to establish connections with their potential customers, and also strengthen the relationships they have with current ones.
This detailed guide will help explain some more things you may not yet know about new media and modern marketing methods. Non-profit journalism organizations and Web sites that rely on citizen journalism are a good place for traditional media to look for partners.
However, coal, which gets far less media attention (except for talk of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change), still is critical to the world economy. In the media and entertainment industry, boosting revenues typically involves enhancing ad sales performance. We’ll start by defining exactly what traditional media encompasses, move onto defining the new and emerging media trends, and then examine multiple new marketing methods so you can evaluate which are the best for you.
Since your business and audience are both unique, it’s impossible to say that something will or won’t work for you—and that applies to new media, too. But I don’t think it will replace YET traditional media, because important vs popular news will only be considered credible once traditional media have confirmed it (and indeed, Google and Twitter could help to drive readers hungry for information to news sites).

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