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The new social metrics include social connections like Facebook likes, Facebook engagement rates, social chatter, and Twitter retweet rates.
Companies are still grappling with how to measure social media and its resulting return on investment (ROI). The new social metrics include social connections like Facebook fans (or likes), Facebook engagement rates, social chatter, and Twitter retweet rates.
The majority of today’s brand-centric social media conversations are revolving around beverage, technology, and restaurant brands.
For the month of the July, the report named Coca-Cola as the brand with the highest number of social media impressions. While the report didn’t differentiate between “paid” and “owned” impressions or account for elements like seasonality, it did demonstrate how the top-ranked brands generated an overwhelming share of total social media impressions and also shed light on the overall global nature of these highly valuable social impressions.
At MDG, our 360° marketing approach uses just the right mix of traditional and online media to reach your brand’s marketing goals.
This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 at 9:08 am and is filed under General, Social Media. July 20, 2015 by admin Leave a Comment In this post, I will describe a social media monitoring tool, Keyhole which you can use to track social media keywords, hashtags and URLs in real-time. You can use the basic tracking feature to track single keyword, hashtag or URL and you can use the advanced tracking feature to track multiple keywords, hashtags or URLs. Here, I have created a beginner’s step by step guide and a tutorial to create basic tracking and advanced tracking in Keyhole.
2) Create advanced tracking: To create advanced tracking, click on My Tracks and then Advanced button.

The reality is that while there are new and unique metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) related to social, so much of what you do can be tracked just like anything else you do online. Traditional metrics you can easily look at are things like impressions, clicks, site traffic, leads, revenue - all the things you look at now when you run banners or paid search or look at your site analytics.
Data visualization and dashboarding graphics in this column are from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SocialEye, Radian6, and Bitly. This is a super cool metric that helps you gage the relevance and appeal of your tweets by tracking how many people retweet it. Just like search, banners, and email, you can see how much traffic your site gets from all the posting, tweeting, and groundswell a brand gets, not just in Facebook, but in all blogs, forums, and the millions of social media sites that could be talking about you and linking to you. Just like socially-referred traffic described above, you can see how many leads you get from social media. Richard Fouts described "Media Equivalent Value" as "the monetary equivalent of the impressions generated through social media that would have traditionally been acquired through paid media." Add up what you would pay for all the impressions, clicks, traffic and engagement, and leads you get from social and apply what you would pay for those clicks via banner buying or other forms of media buying in your category. These findings come from a new monthly report tracking the social media conversations involving the top 100 consumer brands. The beverage giant generated twice as many social impressions as the second-ranked brand, Apple. While some industries may fare better in print and others online, we strive to create a balanced approach where digital and traditional advertising efforts support each other and your marketing message is tailored to the medium. In advanced tracking, you have the option to use OR function, AND function and Exact match function for keywords and hashtags. Now, you can track in real-time posts, users, reach, impressions, number of posts in timeline view, recent top posts by retweets or likes or by Klout score.

Of course, this number does not represent all the people that saw your tweets - but it's the sum total of your tweets' possible impression and frequency. What excites him is the knowledge that Overdrive's collaborative environment has created a company of online media, SEM, and online behavioral experts who drive success for the clients and companies they serve.
The report is a joint effort between uberVU, a social media audience measurement firm, and PQ Media, an economic forecaster and tracker for the media industry. On an individual brand basis, Coke actually generated 87 percent of its social media impressions and Apple received more than 70 percent of its impressions from outside the U.S. Also, you can add additional keywords or hashtags for tracking, exclude posts based on keywords or social media accounts and create custom URL and page title. A good social media marketer needs to know when she posts something that creates reaction and engagement. This is important because if you're being conversational you are very likely posting links that don't always lead to your site - they may go to YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, or blogs and media sites. While they are imperfect numbers like many online metrics, they do represent your overall presence and groundswell in the social media space.
It basically shows when you have things going on in the real, virtual, or social worlds that are sparking conversation on Facebook.

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