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Top tier direct sales organizations are companies in the network marketing industry with entry levels much higher than those of traditional mlm companies. One of the issues some people have with top tier direct sales is that it is more difficult to find people who can afford the higher entry level. If you look at some of the most successful network marketers in the industry, the guys and gals who make the multiple six and even seven figure MONTHLY walk away incomes they did it through traditional MLM models and NOT with a top tier direct sales home business.
Many of the top direct sales companies have compensation plans that offer the best of both worlds. Whenever someone brand new signs up into a new MLM or Network Marketing business opportunity they usually ask the same typical questions to their sponsors. In this post I am going to break it down for you so you can better understand what is the difference between network marketing and MLM compared to other blog posts you may have read. Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit.
The MLM business model has been identified by many nicknames such as pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. Many MLM companies have been criticised and taken to court for illegal pyramid schemes that involved price fixed products, high initial entry fees, and the constant recruiting of others as well as members paying themselves for buying from themselves to achieve sales points.
MLM is basically one single level of marketing where the individual is paid only for referrals who sign up, sell products, and duplicate. Let’s get the story straight as many direct sales representatives will feel left out of this equation. With prime tier direct marketing and advertising you happen to be dealing with people with larger earnings mentalities who understand developing a business requires time, funds along with a real commitment. Lots of from the leading direct sales firms have compensation plans that provide the best of both worlds.
I trust you enjoyed this post and had a blast reading it on The Difference Between Network Marketing and MLM keep in mind that you’re responsible with the decisions you make so be sure to prepare and ask the appropriate questions to verify if a opportunity you are considering joining is legal and really produces profits. World class training, from people whowalk their talk, real people getting results in their marketing, now, and you can click here for proof. This business is more popular than ever and is making me the most income of any business that I’ve personally been involved with so I thought it would be a good idea to give you the REAL scoop on this HIGH-TICKET direct sales business assuming you found this Millionaire Marketing Machine-Elite Business Nation Review while doing your due diligence. I’ve written a few Millionaire Marketing Machine reviews in the past but wanted to provide an update for 2014 since so much has been going on. The millionaire marketing machine is a 6 year old direct sales business that markets lifestyle. I want to get this out of the way early in this Millionaire Marketing Machine review because I know you’re wondering!
The Millionaire Marketing Machine products are digital audios and videos from some of the top experts in the field of personal growth and development (a $10 billion industry) and entrepreneurial education.
Besides being paid on your individual sales directly from the person who you sell a business to, you are also paid on the first sale that those people make as part of the 1-up compensation plan.
This is the key to success (and making money) in any business and is a VERY IMPORTANT question for people starting a home based business in 2014 BECAUSE many start a home business with little to no marketing experience.
With a Top Tier business, you can earn a solid 5 figure monthly income with as few as 3 sales per month and we pay the entire commission upfront like traditional sales jobs such as insurance, real estate, mortgages, etc.

Probably over 95% of the home business industry is involved in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) side of the business. To give you proof, the top distributor in a very popular program out there right now (initials are EN) has personally sponsored over 1800 distributors in less than a year.
Recently, I’ve been getting more and more contacts from people who have signed up for Millionaire Marketing Machine under a different sponsor but are now looking for my Personal 1-on-1 support because their sponsor either CANNOT or WILL NOT help them. The pay plan for Top Tier is based on a front-end model, similar to businesses we’re familiar with like Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance and really any business to business sales. New companies spring to life daily around the globe and go belly up in the first five years. When you hear people say multi-level marketing doesn’t work, it always comes down a couple of factors.
So when I decided to find a business to generate legacy income for my family, I knew the leverage I needed would only be found in network marketing and top top tier products. I suggest you take a serious look at a Top Tier business model to see how to get paid today for your efforts instead of waiting years for MLM residual income to kick in. Sure you can make a residual income with a top tier model but it pales in comparison to the type of residual income you can make with traditional MLM. When you become a sales representative, executive, coach, or distributor you are expected after you sign up to sell products directly to customers by means of relationships, referrals and word of mouth advertising. Some marketers use the term direct selling as a synonym for multi level marketing, even though the MLM industry is just one type of direct selling.
Among the troubles a lot of people have with top rated tier direct sales is the fact that it truly is a lot more tricky to discover folks who can afford the higher entry level.
With top rated tier direct promoting you might be also coping with people that possess a larger earnings mentality. The prime direct sales companies also present a great deal more than a profitable compensation strategy, which includes support and education for its members that will prove a great deal far more profitable than the compensation plan itself. The Direct Selling Association has been around for over 100 years and has regulated many MLM companies in its ethical business practices.
Together they share their passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop their marketing skills. You see, when people get involved in a home business they typically either get involved in affiliate marketing, MLM or Top Tier direct sales. The vast majority of people who get started in the home business or network marketing industry are involved in the MLM side of the industry. They didn’t join the best MLM for them at the time OR they didn’t have top-notch upline and team support to get through the first few months. In Network Marketing it’s essential those who join you in business can duplicate your strategy and plans. In fact all the huge MLMs with decades of success are health and wellness companies and still going strong. The Life Shotz owners and management team are passionate about the long-term success of their Brand Partners and have the most advanced training in network marketing.
And Life Shotz will thank you by compensating you with one of top pay plans in the MLM industry, bar none, if you want MLM for your home business.

Just ask any of the Top 10 Revenue Companies below listed by the Direct Selling Association! With top tier direct sales the entry level to join may be five thousand dollars and the payout to the distributor might be fifteen hundred.
With top tier direct marketing you have to target people who can afford the higher entry fee. There are also several companies out there that are much more focused on the upfront and less on the residual and vice versa. You must remember old school direct selling as it was a form of street peddling items such as perfumes, toys, books, and jewelry. With all the proper amount of wish and motivation you’ll find the direct sales business an awesome car to speedy track you to exactly where you would like to be. There are no on-going monthly or annual fees excluding your marketing expenses which you’d have no matter what business you were working.
We start all new people off using 1 SIMPLE YET VERY EFFECTIVE marketing system that works to generate qualified prospects literally within 48-72 hours of starting your business. Personally, I’ve been involved in the top tier niche since 2010 and have also worked MLMs and MLM-type affiliate programs. With the right amount of desire and motivation you will find the direct sales industry an amazing vehicle to fast track you to where you want to be.
With best tier direct advertising you have to target people who can afford the larger entry charge.
If you made an Elite sale, then you would earn the $3500 that you’re qualified to receive while the additional $16,500 in commissions would roll-up to the next person above you who is an Elite Qualified Director. Affiliate marketing is a different animal all together and I don’t plan on covering that in this article but I do want to take a closer look at the Top Tier vs MLM business models. However in the top tier direct sales world there is usually less residual income since the majority of the income is made upfront.
And you can gear your marketing to find people who live more affluent lifestyles based on their activity in social media and the keywords they are putting into the search engines. The top direct sales companies also offer much more than a lucrative compensation plan, including support and training for its members that can prove much more lucrative than the compensation plan itself. With top tier direct marketing you are also dealing with people who have a higher income mentality. The network marketers in the top tier organizations will tell you top tier is the way to go and the marketers in MLM will tell you there way is the best.
With top tier direct marketing you are dealing with people with higher income mentalities who understand building a business takes time, money and a real commitment. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on both the advantages and disadvantages of the top tier direct sales home business industry so you can make a more informed decision about the direction you want to go.

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