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Just in time for making our New Year’s marketing resolutions, we’re getting a special treat – a study on social media users in Russia, with lots of the latest numbers and trends to enjoy. The data comes from Brand Analytics, with details on the age, gender, regional distribution and even positive vibes of those writing on social networks in Russia.
In addition, last December showed that Twitter was the most engaging social network – on the average, there were about 120 posts per author. Most of those over 45 socialize in Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir (about 33-37%), while 55+ age group is bigger in Odnoklassniki (nearly 20%) than in Moi Mir (about 16%). LubovLubov is an online marketing consultant with a focus on market intelligence and SEM towards Russian market.

Actually, betting on social networks in 2015 sounds good to me – the experts predict social media marketing and retargeting to be on the rise.
Plus, this trend comes along with the rapid growth of mobile users who become the majority on the Russian Internet. Although Twitter keeps growing in Russia, according to Brand Analytics it only rounds out the top-7, having about 8.5 million visits a month. A more mature audience in Russia (25-44 year olds) uses LiveJournal and Facebook – 70% and 65% respectively. Please try again later.Featured Posts Exclusive interview: Alexander Sadovsky about low quality links in Yandex SEO Meet RST Digital, our new Russian SEO agency!

And nationwide, VKontakte is the leading social media by the number of posts – over 16% people in Russia are writing there.

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