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There is a three pack to marketing a business online that digital marketers now have engrained in their brains; search, social and content marketing. Mint Social is a social media marketing company that integrates social media into your existing online marketing plan. Tagged: content marketing strategy, facebook, Google Plus, Mobile Marketing, Pinterest, social media marketing strategy, digital marketing, web trends 2013, . Mint Social is a social media marketing and online branding company that accelerates online marketing by building content engines to increase visibility and reputation in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and in social networks (where over 70% of all traffic on the Internet is). Over the years we have seen the marketing message for these three disciplines evolve from a more sales-based brand promotion to educating and informing an audience of one. Mint Social focuses on creating and pushing out digital content, creating and maintaining social media and syndicating a company’s content all over the web. Mint Social helps businesses understand (through implementation) why social media and online branding is critical to online marketing success and provides the tools for delivering measurable results along the way.

The rankings which are released each month are provided to businesses looking for services to manage and maintain their social media accounts and channels.Mint Social is a social media marketing companies catering to businesses interested in improving their branding and online marketing initiatives through social media channels and content marketing strategies. If your company needs to raise its online brand awareness, Mint Social’s the one to do it. Strategies focus on creating an online community through social media in order to increase brand awareness while improving traffic to the websites of their clients.An independent research team spends time evaluating and ranking the best social media management companies each month. In the article, Holmes noted some obvious factors we’ve already seen plenty of in 2012, like continued growth for mobile social media usage and social advertising.
The process for evaluating social media management companies involves the use of a set of evaluation criteria consisting of five areas of evaluation.
I think we’re so already there in 2012, with everyone I know checking social media feeds and content opportunities online using their mobile devices. Marcus gained his mastery of inbound marketing over ten years of building his pool installation company into the largest in the United States, even though the housing crisis.

The five areas used in order to benchmark and compare the top performing social media marketing companies include timeliness, brand management, consultation, methodology, and reach. But one area stuck out from the Fast Company article: how social media education is going to become more formalized in companies. Reports and results provided by the clients are inspected in order to validate the claims made by the social media marketing agencies being evaluated.

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