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Even in the current uncertain job climate, it seems 2012 was the year for technical majors—particularly those in engineering. The January 2013 salary survey reported starting salaries for new college graduates in more than 90 disciplines at the bachelor’s degree level.
At the top of the list, computer engineering majors accepted starting salaries at $70,400–just $4,000 more than the major in second place, chemical engineering. Write for UsRead our guest post writing and submission guidelines to find out how you can write for the Come Recommended blog!

For example, there is still no proof that any of the first four scary things on my list above exist. When it comes to math and science careers, maybe some salary data would help embolden some: math and science jobs account for all of the top 10 best paying careers!
But sometimes it’s hard not to be curious with regard to which majors and future careers are bringing in the largest starting salaries. Perhaps it comes from our ancient history, where lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) were waiting around every corner for a chance at a decent meal — us!

It’s important to note that the salaries used in the report are accepted starting salaries, rather than the original salary offers.

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