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As education brands struggle to stand out, large online for-profits battle it out with private and large public universities in an increasingly competitive category.
After a decade of steady spending, reported advertising tracking data showed that higher education brands spent a whopping $1.2 billion of advertising in 2013.
The top ten spenders, 37% of all dollars ($458K), were driven by online universities with University of Phoenix spending 1 out of every 3 dollars.
National TV was the #1 medium with University of Phoenix and other online for-profits driving the category media mix.
Colleges and universities spending over a million dollars in advertising in 2013 made up just 5% of higher education institutions, but 77% of all the dollars invested.

Online for-profits have always recognized the value of marketing to drive their business, but now leading public and private universities appear to be ramping up their investments to protect their positions. Looking forward, we anticipate spending in the higher education category for both public and private schools to continue at a robust pace. Halo has experience working with universities both public and private, undergraduate and graduate programs, branding and recruiting at the international, national, state and city level.
In many cases, they are outspending for-profits and filling consumer demand as for-profits fall under the scrutiny of Washington.
These brands put a lot of pressure on the 3,257 colleges and universities that had reported spending in 2013.

For-profits, under siege from lawsuits and regulatory problems, are investing heavily to keep the conversation positive and quarterly earnings unsurprising.
We should mention that reporting services* do not include any search engine marketing dollars that would significantly increase category estimates.
As the new online landscape redefines higher education marketing, an increasing share of universities may be putting up membership fees to the One Million Dollar Club.

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