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The job market isn’t an easy thing to navigate, but the Internet has made applying to and searching for openings much easier. Indeed is one of the most full-featured job search websites and the company created a really nice app so you don’t need to be near a computer to reach out to your favorite companies. How to Use Indeed Job Search AppIndeed is one of the best job boards on the internet and you can now use the app to apply while you're on the go right from your Android or iPhone. How to Use Monster Job Search AppApplying to jobs isn't a fun thing to do but using a free app makes it much easier. ZipRecruiter pulls posts from job boards all over the internet, which greatly opens up the options.

How to Use ZipRecruiter Job Search AppAn app that pulls job posts from all over the internet gives you a better chance of finding something you want. Type in the job you’re looking for and your location and you will receive a list of the things that most apply. Here you will get a description of the position, contact information and depending on the job a way to apply directly through the app. You can save or email your favorite jobs if you can’t apply immediately or if you find one that would be good for a friend.
Refine your search by when the position was posted, what country it is in and even if it is part-time or full-time.

Set up job alerts that will notify you when certain companies or types of jobs post openings.
Sent recruiters questions about the job or application or just check on the status of your profile. The app keeps track of all the jobs you’ve applied to and you can see the status of your profile.

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