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We’re dedicated to truly understanding the audience for each and every experience, and we develop creative, customize ways to engage them live. Thank you, Event Marketer, for noting our successes by making us a part of the “IT” community again! Inspired by creativity and scientific application, TBA Global gets attendees excited and involved at each of their events.
Event marketing describes the process of developing a themed exhibit, display, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization leveraging in-person engagement. In today’s buyer-empowered world, marketers need to seize every opportunity to build relationships, generate goodwill, and earn the trust if prospective buyers and customers.
A key reason for a business to participate in an event is to establish and build its brand. Another important reason businesses choose to participate in an event is to generate leads. Events offer an unparalleled level of customer engagement, with an opportunity for positive personal interaction that builds loyalty. Events come in a large variety of flavors, and can be held in countless venues, whether online or off. Virtual events enable individuals in different locations to participate in a virtual environment that has the look and feel of an offline event, by combining education, networking, and interactive features. A tradeshow is a physical gathering of individuals in a particular industry or profession in a forum that typically features numerous companies in a specific market. Conferences are often company-specific marketing events that gather attendees for the purpose of delivering information such as a user summit. Since events are such a large part of your marketing mix, you want to make sure that you are thinking about all the details. Build a model up-front to understand the sensitivities of your event ROI based on various metrics.
When putting so much time and energy into planning your event, you want to make sure that you do the promotion right.
Finding the right number of times for email promotions for an event has a great deal to do with the type of event you are promoting. No matter what sort of promotion you are using, segmentation is vital to getting the right attendees registered for your event.
Being active on social networks before, during, and after your event is crucial for success.
Twitter: Twitter is a powerful tool for not only marketing and promoting your events, but also engaging and connecting with the attendees in real-time.
Facebook: Because Facebook is so visual, it is a great place to promote your events using eye-catching graphics.
Google+: The Google+ events feature allows users to send out customized invitations and syncs with Google calendar when a user confirms.
Foursquare: Leverage foursquare at en event to drive traffic to a physical location while using gamification to build buzz.
Making sure of proper event follow-up will set you apart from the competition and keep you fresh in the minds of your prospects. Lead List and Qualification: The lead list is a critical aspect of any event and lists should be created either directly after the show or every night after the exhibit hall closes.
Lead Nurturing and Scoring: Lead nurturing and scoring are critical for a comprehensive event lead management strategy. When it comes to measuring ROI, every company is unique in their level of sophistication and what they want to track. You need to cover lots of details when it comes to events, and the best way to do that is to be over-prepared. It doesn’t matter if you have the best looking booth—if it doesn’t draw traffic you likely won’t be returning to the even next year. Jam packed with worksheets, templates, and checklists, the Definitive Guide to Event Marketing is your one stop shop for driving measurable results from your event marketing.
Gaurav Kotak of Marketo and Michele Aymold of BigMachines show you how to use Salesforce and marketing automation to increase leads from your B2B events. Don't miss out on this on-demand webinar with Heidi Bullock to discover ten must-have tips for more effective marketing events! Your event has been in the works for months, and now you’re ready to share it with the world.
Watch this New Rules of Marketing Virtual Event session with Dahlia El Gazzar on how to thrive with new event technology!
Watch this New Rules of Marketing Virtual Event session with Betsy Zikakis and Patrick Cava on how to accelerate the sales cycle through the power of personalized event experiences. Because they are online, webinars are often much more cost-effective to produce than real-world events. Download this infographic for a sample checklist to help you plan your social media strategy at events.
For every event that you do, you want to make sure that you have a stellar social media plan. Check out this recorded webinar to discover how to develop a solid marketing strategy and tactical plan for flawless event execution.

Trade show participation consistently ranks in the top tier of tactics used to facilitate prospect communication, but it's also one of among the most difficult tactics to execute as well.
MarketingSherpa's 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report reinforces Aberdeen's report findings.
On the heels of Aberdeen's 2012 report, Trip Kucera, Senior Research Analyst at the Aberdeen Group, recently published a report on event marketing, identifying best practices in event management, perspective on platforms and services, and lead management integration. The most interesting takeaway for B2B search engine marketers involves the correlation between content marketing and event marketing. Quite often, event marketing is handled by employees who aren't directly connected with a company's online marketing group. As stated above, Kucera draws an important parallel between event marketing and content marketing. Integration of SEO best practices, including keyword research, SEO tagging, and cross-linking, within key online event marketing collateral. Review of copy for keyword optimization and link references in traditional marketing collateral.
Review of content placed in third-party sites for event promotion to ensure SEO visibility is maximized.
Bottom line: events offer a wealth of opportunity for content, link outreach, and social media visibility. Since the Aberdeen research focused primarily on company-hosted events, it was interesting to see the shift in how organizations are developing event marketing initiatives. Cross-link relevant solutions and content marketing assets from the website where appropriate. For regional events, consider outreach to local business publications and organizations for link acquisition and show visibility.
Events present an opportunity for B2B SEO professionals to connect with potential site owners for link building outreach. More importantly, in-person discussion at a trade show provides an opportunity for the SEO practitioner to learn more about an individual's specific business challenges, which can, in turn, help determine the right pitch to use when presenting a guest post, byline, or other form of content marketing asset for link building development. Branded keyword data helps validate the performance of event marketing in association with brand development and webmaster tool programs provide a simple way to better support this initiative. According to the report, best-in-class marketers allocate more than 9 percent of their budget to company-hosted events alone. As such, event marketing represents a significant percentage of the B2B marketer's budget and a critical asset SEO professionals need to leverage for performance. Derek Edmond is a Managing Partner and directs search engine marketing and social media strategies for KoMarketing Associates, a B2B internet marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, and PPC strategy.
Derek has presented to audiences for Business Wire, Microsoft, Bentley College and is active in a range of New England communities supporting online marketing.
The terms that visitors type into your site search box can provide valuable insight which can be used in other marketing efforts. From Event Marketer It List overview: "This year, the Top 100 event agencies collectively represent the best of what this industry has become. Of course the desired impact depends on your goals, but most companies want events to be more than just a staged advertisement for their brand. Plus, every marketer knows that companies can realize the biggest ROI on their marketing dollars by retaining and growing existing customers. Participants visit a virtual booth where they can collect materials, meet the staff, ask questions, and even pick up some virtual swag. While they often require more investment than virtual events, offline events allow face-to-face relationship building. These events tend to be on the larger side, and are held by companies for training or educational purposes. Here are 7 secrets to make sure that your events are consistently outperforming expectations.
For instance, if you hold an event that is well-attended by the wrong people, you will increase your costs without impacting revenue. For a larger tradeshow you should send a series of promotional emails starting roughly a month before the event, and spaced a week or so apart from one another to allow people to plan accordingly. Since events are in real-time, attendees often use social networks to engage with other participants in a live environment. Begin posting 2-3 weeks before events and use a mix of custom graphics, memes, and images taken at the event to encourage attendees to register. You can also leverage Google Hangouts to get influencers, prospects, customers, and other attendees in the same place discussing event highlights. Always plan your follow-up strategy before the event begins—email follow-ups should be written and designed, offers should be decided on, and any other call-downs should be planned. Reading event synopsis, session descriptions, and blog posts will help you craft the email messaging. Continue engaging event attendees through lead nurturing, and score new leads appropriately after events.
The event should only get credit for pipeline if the opportunities were created after the event attendance dates. Set proper expectations for the event, including training your staff, reviewing messaging, and doing your research on the exhibitors prior to arriving.

Download this sample template so that you know your social strategy for before, during, and after an event.
Join Marketo, Xactly, and Certain to see how the experts plan for, execute on, and measure customer event success.
In fact, Aberdeen's 2012 Marketing Lead Management research report found that, on average, prospects receive 10 marketing-driven touches throughout the course of a successful buyer's journey. This article discusses the comparisons drawn and how B2B SEO can augment and benefit from event marketing initiatives.
As a result, B2B SEO professionals need to become more proactive in their communication with this team to ensure they are made aware of upcoming events and shows.
When we think about the role the former plays in the enterprise buyer's journey, events "are a source of information, education, and engagement. Fifty-five percent of companies plan to either start using, or to increase their use of virtual online events, while 40 percent plan to start or increase their use of regional road show style events. Schema event tagging should be considered on event landing pages as well, for better information delivery to search engines.
Oftentimes, strategic partners, distributors, or other vendors offering complementary solutions will attend these events and trade shows, giving SEO professionals the chance to put a face to a name (otherwise only seen in email or social media communication). In my limited experience with event sponsorship and booth participation, I know costs of participation and sponsorship can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars. Event marketing provides immediate SEO opportunities for obtaining content marketing visibility and acquiring links and social media connections. To celebrate our commitment to delivering industry-leading search engine and search marketing news, we're launching Connect - a brand new industry event.
The promotion of these activities can occur through various inbound and outbound marketing techniques.
Events offer a unique opportunity for them to interact with brands to get a firsthand sense of a company’s focus, perspective, and personality. When done well, events have the power to create a lasting and powerful impression of all that your company can deliver. Take a look at a chart from BtoB Magazine’s State of Event marketing, to see the top goals for attending events. Through events, you gain the perfect venue to share your ideas, thoughts, and name in the exact manner you want to present them.
The right event allows your company to interact with a group of prospects that already have an interest in who you are and what you do. No matter what type of event you are at, it is critical to impart knowledge that the audience will value—and that sets your company apart.
Online events are often less costly than in-person events and can enable you to easily reach geographically dispersed audience.
Real-time webinars enable interaction among participants, provide the opportunity to receive and discuss information on a topic that is presented through web-based conferencing tools. These events are usually very intimate with 8-10 people, or can be larger with 50 or more attendees. Your model may show that the percentage of qualified attendees tends to be a high indicator of success (this sensitivity may only be relevant for physical events, as virtual events are less costly). The best event programs incorporate intentional measurement strategies in advance, that means you should define what, when, and how you will measure during your initial planning phase so you have a benchmark to work with. By communicating with your audience early and often leading up to the event, you will have a better turnout as your event will be top of mind for your attendees. In the chart below you can see that there were 1,433 attendees to one of Marketo’s recent Roadshow events. One of the ways SEO professionals can support event marketers is through brand related keyword referral patterns. Event marketing needs to be an integral part of the demand generation mix, and a strategic combination of offline and online events are essential to any company’s bottom line. By allowing people to experience and interact with your company, product or service while participating in an event, you are connecting with potential buyers. At events, you enjoy the chance to upsell customers by introducing them to products and services that they may not know about—or may not realize could address their needs. And the ultimate event marketing success measurement is pipeline-to-spend—how much pipeline can be allocated to the event divided by what you invested in the event. Events are a big investment, so make sure that everyone is on top of their game and you know all of the detail prior to the actual event. On a larger scale, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners can include thought leadership presentations as part of the event. Remember, other exhibitors and sponsors at the event are trying to connect with the same audience.

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