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Timmies is, of course, Tim Hortons coffee, the venerable Canadian institution whose coffee and donuts have become so inseparable from the Canadian identity that Prime Minister Stephen Harper once famously blew off going to the UN for a coffee at Timmies instead. Last week, Enbridge pipelines announced on its blog that it would be showing its latest ads on Tim’s TV (the flatscreen televisions behind the service counter). Within a day, more than 28,000 people had signed the SumOfUs petition encouraging Tim Hortons to dump Enbridge.
The job at Tim Hortons didn't work out, and today he is waiting for a work permit under Saskatchewan's provincial nominee program. Flores' experience, which has caught the attention of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, isn't the only recent one focusing on Tim Hortons, the ubiquitous Canadian brand that serves doughnuts and double-doubles from coast to coast.
Alexandra Cygal, manager of public affairs for Tim Hortons Inc., says the company was only made aware of the allegations through the media. Greg Tuer, executive director of the Labour Standards Division for the government of Saskatchewan, says it received complaints regarding a Tim Hortons franchise regarding illegal deductions.

Tim Hortons "is a company that a lot of Canadians identify with and it is very proudly a Canadian brand," says Howard Ramos, an associate professor of sociology at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Cygal says Hortons doesn't have numbers of temporary foreign workers employed at its restaurants. But in an email to CBC News, she said that many of the company's restaurants wouldn't be able to operate full time or remain open without the temporary foreign worker program. Cygal said Tim Hortons and its restaurant owners "have had a very strong employment record since we started the Temporary Foreign Worker program. In 2008, a representative of Tim Hortons' licensing company, TDL Group Inc., told the federal citizenship and immigration committee that the company had more than 600 temporary foreign workers at stores across Canada, with another 400 arriving later in the year.
As Tim Hortons is showing, Canada's temporary foreign worker program has become much more than a way to bring in seasonal agricultural help to pick peaches or cherries. As the program is defined, it is intended for employers to fill short-term labour or skill shortages after they have shown they are unable to find Canadians or permanent residents to do the jobs.

The program creates an "underclass" of people, he says, because it allows temporary foreign workers to be paid less than Canadians doing the same job.
Stephen Taylor, formerly of the National Citizen Coalition, has tweeted (not counting replies and retweets) more than 30 times today about #boycotttims.
His accommodation was in the home of a friend of the Tim Hortons franchise owner in White City, Sask.

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