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Jeremiah Owyang and the folks at Altimeter Group have put out a great report on the career paths of the social strategist.
Jacob Morgan is the principal of Chess Media Group, a social business consultancy focused on Social CRM, Enterprise 2.0, and Social Media Strategies for mid and enterprise size clients.
Rich snippets for Facebook pages are no longer showing up in Google searches, though Yelp and YP continue to have their review stars.
Finding: Of the degrees achieved, most were focused on communications related degrees, quickly followed by marketing. In the full report (here’s the link again), we know that most have been working for just over a decade, most are in marketing or corporate communications, the data on their background matches this nicely. For today, Communications and Marketing are ideal education backgrounds for social business.
Our 2011 social business forecast data indicates that corporations will spend their largest line item on staffing up the social business team, so if you’re seeking a role during a recession, there may be opportunities for you. That’s a good point, I could sub set the data by maturity to find out how different skills are needed at different maturity points. I would love for you to review the larger report for more context –this is just a a sliver of the findings. With that said, a natural evolution I expect for this to happen is in Support, Product, then spread into regions.

Many users were angry about the change, though the company has seen more search share and social activity.
Whether a new found planning love or a transitioning strategist, social has brought a lot of people into the limelight in a budding industry. You’ll find the report is filled with data around job titles, duration in role, department, responsibilities, challenges and aspirations. The success responses relate to what PR students are taught–from basic communications skills, to consideration of all stakeholders and functions, to measurement and ROI.
These professionals must be proficient in a number of skills such as communication, education, persuading, knowing technology, crises management, and program management. If it becomes evident that the career is sloping downward into the bottomless pit that is the help desk, then it may be wise to consider switching jobs or companies. This takes life experience to navigate the mix of culture within the organization to integrate with strategic objectives, revenue and client interaction. That being said, corporations might be well-served to look for futurists, visionaries, and big-picture strategists who monitor and understand the gravity of technology trends. After mustering the courage to challenge the status quo, the evangelist launches pilot programs to connect with customers using social tools. The Social Strategist is successful in gathering initial resources and corralling some internal stakeholders.

Perhaps this explains why so many organizations are looking at social media as simply a marketing or PR effort instead of a broader business initiative. Having successfully piloted programs, the Social Strategist seeks to expand the program, yet loses altitude from internal resistance to corporate transparency, turf battles, legal and security issues, and the challenges of calculating return on investment. Gaining speed, the Social Strategist overcomes most major cultural challenges and expands the program. But in most cases "social media" is simply about interacting with people via social channels. Shifting from evangelism to program management, they find the excess of customer voices -- as well as the increase in program requests from internal stakeholders -- unmanageable.
If you are (or want to be) involved in the social media space, then the full report is highly recommended.

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