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Jay Baer – One of the worlds top-marketing speakers, Jay is a marketing consultant and author of best selling book: Youtility. Ted Rubin – Ted is a leading social marketing strategist, speaker and created the concept ROR: Return on Relationship.
Eve Mayer – Eve is the CEO of Social Media Delivered and author of several successful social media business books that include: The Social Media Business Equation and Get It Girl Guide to Online Dating.
Amy Porterfield – Social Media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-one for Dummies. Marsha Collier – Marsha Collier is a well-know radio personality and educator specializing in technology and social media.

Essential ideas for research and consulting groups This presentation was developed for a group of researchers and consultants, none of whom routinely used social media.
Audience growth and revenue have both reportedly been slowing down more than anticipated and industry experts and investors have been pointing the blame at Costolo.
Yummy looking food has a tendency to pull a lot of engagement on Instagram… those mouth-watering goodies are sure to spike some cravings no matter how much you try to avoid them. Thanks to recent changes, the layout and design is much more simple and aesthetically pleasing.
Instagramer Samantha Lee has taken #FoodPorn to another level with her creative food sculptures like the one shown below.

It also provided an opportunity to reinforce best practice ideas for the blog and provide a gentle prod to revise outdated content on the website. Just remember- treat Twitter conversation the same way you would if you were meeting that person on the street. The changes make it a great platform for businesses who want to share their work in a presentation format.

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