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The challenges facing business today, everyday, are not so dissimilar from those a generation or two or three ago.
In today’s business world there are fancy, intellectual names assigned to the various aspects of how companies and customers are co-dependent upon each other. With few exceptions, creating and maintaining a presence on Facebook has almost become the default standard any business or organization must undertake. Twitter can be effectively used by many businesses provided they exhibit just a bit of restraint.
One interesting area of social media which has been growing rapidly for only a couple of years is called geo-local services. From a business perspective, geolocal social sites provide members with access to specials and great deals only found when using the social community service. I guess I’m not speaking from complete experience, but I would say that online marketing is not nearly the challenge of traditional marketing.
I believe that each person has to find their favorite or most comfortable site to dig in and network and do their business the most good.
I think its most important to pick out 2-3 social networks that you have identified as the biggest opportunities, and then be the most active on those social networks. Though internet visibility is very important, so if you have the time it’s an easy thing you can do. I was surprised at how low the Twitter percentage was also as I was going to make that a priority this month. I am old school, I had the new world where talking and writing proper english have been replaced by texting in a foreign language (LOL).

I was doing a random search on social media for business and this article popped up on the first page of Google! In this business type, to date, we have found that the most important element is our website. I am not surprised that Facebook is at the tops but i am expecting a higher rank for twitter… Anyway, whatever is first or second, social media as a whole made business operations a lot easier and faster. Facebook now become the #1 social media and there are a lot of free traffic that you can have by many ways. Steve, the reason for this is because Twitter is highly prevalent in all industries where most of the participants are tech savvy. Just 5 or so years ago, these online destinations were in their infancy and really hadn’t started maturing to the level of becoming viable business resources. The challenge faced is determining where to put ones business budget in order to see a quality return on investment of both time as well as money. The great news here is that the communities using this social site count into the hundreds of millions, are located around the planet, but also have the distinct flavor found in local community organizations.
Essentially, these websites are using services like Twitter to broadcast a user’s physical location to their friends and followers. Additionally, users can easily send messages to their friends located close by, effectively bringing you more business. It was such an interesting suggestion that I kept part of the excerpt and linked to the source. In my experience, just JOINING a social network won’t bring much value, but being Active, and being a VALUE ADD to that social network can bring your site traffic.

But for that to happen there should be a good relationship between you and the customer already. Ever since the concept of charging for one’s wares came into existence, the concept of having someone to sell to was along for the ride.
Today, one might have to look far and wide for an individual who has not heard the likes of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, to name a few of the most popular social sites online. As soon as the volume of Twitter messages becomes overwhelming, followers will block the business from sending anything more to their message list. Yes i agree with the other who says that you must then be active in that social media you have been registered. The delivery of those products or services may be to consumers or perhaps other businesses.
Provide real answers to those asking questions about the company’s products and services.
Once the capital has been invested and time taken to develop plans of action the company needs one single, crucial element in order to have a fighting chance of staying in business and succeeding.
Though determining ROI precisely can be a challenge, the word of mouth generated by social media is inexpensive, and can be quite effective.
It makes every thing much easier and faster.It shows what a good social media site should be.

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