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Shoe retailer Brantano currently has management positions advertised on the jobs page of its website.
An on-site recruitment centre is now open in the car park of the existing Tesco store in Bradley Stoke. Keep an eye on our general Bradley Stoke Jobs page for full and part-time vacancies in these categories. In collaboration with design agency Creative Edge I travelled up to Southampton and then a week later to Basingstoke for a job for Tesco to produce shots of the customers, staff and local surroundings for Tesco’s internal use.

Right to Work, a left-wing campaign group backed by unions including PCS, Unite and Unison, said it would join forces with other anti-workfare groups to shut more Tesco stores following a row over unpaid work experience which errupted last week.
The placement was offered under the Government's "sector-based work academy scheme" which is linked to payment of benefits - but Tesco said the impression that it was seeking to replace full-time workers was mistaken. Tesco is recruiting staff for its UK stores from Slovakia after bosses claimed no suitable British candidates were available, it emerged last night.The supermarket chain has offered 12 weeks' training, plus help with immigration paperwork and housing, in a bid to lure English-speaking recruits from eastern-Europe. Vacancies for Sales Assistants (full- and part-time) have recently appeared in the live feed on our general Bradley Stoke Jobs page.

We do it as a last resort.'The news comes days after claims by the big supermarkets to be driving economic growth by creating thousands of jobs were exposed as a sham.

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