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Since our inception in 1980 Link Staffing has been a leader in temporary staffing services, specifically in the skilled labor and industrial staffing fields.
For years Link Staffing focused on providing temporary staffing services exclusively to industrial, construction and manufacturing clients. Many of LINK’s high-volume clients prefer to place our flexible staffing services directly on-site rather than to do business with the nearest Link Staffing Services office. We still provide full-time and temporary staffing to a variety of industries including construction, retail and logistics, warehouse management, healthcare and manufacturing.

The primary benefits of implementing Link-On-Location in your facility include the ability for LINK to hire, train and schedule your temporary staff quickly and efficiently. Our scope of service includes temporary staffing, direct hire staffing, administrative staffing, business support, vendor management and on-site staffing support. You’ll also have immediate, continuous access to Link Staffing managers and human resource professionals who are regularly on-site to address your temporary staffing needs immediately.
It’s also greatly beneficial for large retail and logistics facilities to maintain efficiency with this temporary staffing model.

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