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AccounTemps AccounTemps is an employment agency devoted to the financial and accounting professions: It's a daughter company of Robert Half International, which was ranked by Fortune magazine as the most admired business in the temporary-help industry in 2009. Temporary employment agencies specialize in helping businesses meet short-term staffing needs. Companies that need short term workers notify one or more temporary job agencies when they have a need for short-term workers.
When a company contracts with a temporary staffing service, the agency opens a job order and begins trying to find people to fill the positions.
If the client company decides to use one or more of the workers referred by the temporary agency, the employee is set up to work for the company on a temporary basis. Because temporary staffing agencies need access to skilled workers who are able to fill various types of short-term positions, they tend to recruit potential employees on an ongoing basis.
Most temporary agencies have a very structured application process, and the exact procedures are likely to vary from one company to another. If you are successful with the screening process, you will be placed in the firm's database and contacted when temporary work assignments that match your qualifications become available. Temp or staffing agencies specialize in finding work for people on a long-term or short-term basis. Temporary employees can work for a couple days, a few weeks or even months, depending on the situation. Some temps can fit the position so well that you might want to hire them permanently; most temporary agencies will have a provision for this in their contract. Some temps do not work out; in this case, you notify the agency and that ends that particular temps association with your business. Temp agencies not only perform many of the duties of a company’s human resources department, but may be able to do so them efficiently and have access to a wider pool of applicants. Staffing agencies offer their employees excellent networking opportunities, flexible work options, different jobs and opportunities, skill training and an opportunity to move from temp to perm employment. According to US News & World Report the temporary workforce has been growing since the end of the recession in June 2009 and may be the new normal. I have never been to New York and I have never worked for a temp agency, but I feel like that could be a good way to get in working for a good company.

Working with a temp agency is a great way to gain hands-on employment experience while earning money.
When companies need to add people to their workforce for a short period of time, they often contract with a staffing service that handles temporary placements rather than hiring additional workers themselves. Workers who provide labor to companies via this kind of arrangement are actually employees of the temporary agency rather than the company where they report to work. If you are interested in doing temporary work, the best way to get started is to contact local employment agencies and inquire about the types of short-term positions they need people to fill.
You should be aware that there is no guarantee of a certain number of hours - or even any work at all -- when you work with a temporary agency.
The fees charged by these types of companies are paid by the businesses that utilize temporary workers. A temp agency maintains a roster of potential workers to send to a business when that business needs someone to work for a short period of time. When left in the lurch by an employee, a temporary employee can give you time to search for the perfect employee with the specific skills and qualities that you need. Although you will pay more than the standard hourly rate for a temporary employee, you are not responsible for paying FICA, vacation, retirement or other benefits, and the responsibility for unemployment claims and all employee tax and payroll paperwork belongs to the agency. Employees of staffing agencies generally have a higher level of expertise related to job knowledge, employment trends and recruitment practices because they are continually placing employees. Temp jobs usually don’t last, and there may be a reluctance to hire them permanently; and there is a lack of consistency in the amount and type of work. Temporary employees can be less expensive because businesses do not have to pay benefits to temps, deduct payroll and income taxes from their checks, or incur the costs of recruiting and screening the workers. Roughly one in every 50 employed Americans held a temporary, or contingent position, as of the end of October 2011.
In order to make certain that they have access to individuals with the types of skills their clients might need, temp agencies maintain a database of people who are interested in accepting temporary work assignments.
If the company does not utilize any of the candidates referred by a particular temporary agency, no charges will be incurred.
When you find one or more temporary job agencies that utilizes workers that have skills that are in line with what you are able to do, find out what you need to do to apply.

If you are seeking opportunities to work on a temporary basis and a company that claims to be a temporary service asks you to pay any type of application or processing fee, in all likelihood you are facing a scam rather than a legitimate employment opportunity.
They can also have specific industry expertise if they work for staffing agencies that specialize in certain fields, such health care providers. The network that staffing agencies maintain is a broad one from which they can tap potential employees who can fill any position an employer might have or anticipate. Temp jobs typically pay less than their permanent counterparts and provide little or no benefits.
The temporary help services industry, comprised of staffing companies and temporary agencies, added 557,000 jobs, or 54 percent of all jobs created across all sectors of the economy, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Sometimes it’s difficult to fill certain hours, or a limited number of hours with regular staff; this is where temp agencies excel. Temps have to report to two bosses – the boss on the job site and the agency staffer who placed them. Job lengths tend to vary (along with the heft of the paycheck), with temp wages beginning at $15 an hour, although exec positions obviously earn more.
Bon Temps legal staffing, alive and kicking since 1977, is always looking for new blood in the form of legal secretaries, word processors, proofreaders, paralegals, contract attorneys and executive receptionists.
CG deals with finance, advertising, real estate and fashion companies and places its temps in office, clerk, assistant, customer-service and managerial positions.
President Susan Levine has more than 30 years of experience in employment agencies, and while she won't divulge names, she assures us that CG has "very desirable clients." The agency also offers 401k eligibility for employees who complete a year of service and 1,000 hours on assignment. Lucky for you, temps in the nonprofit sector are currently in high demand, a trend that Rick Bressler, PNP's business development director, attributes to the "improving health of the economy." PNP's list of clients includes Doctors Without Borders, the American Red Cross, United Way and the American Museum of Natural History.
According to Ed Reagan, director of temporary staffing, following up with a phone call after a few days will increase your chances of being one of the 50 job hunters asked in for an interview each week. Hodson's placements include temporary, permanent and temp-to-perm positions, concentrated in administrative and clerical support.

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