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Sally Smith, the CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings, told CNNMoney Wednesday that her company and other restaurants may not want to hire teens for $15 an hour because that’s too much to pay for an inexperienced worker.
That could be bad news for teens, who already have an unemployment rate of 18.1% according to the government. In fact, she thinks that even more older workers may apply for fast food jobs if rates go as high as $15. When looking to find jobs in New York City, it is helpful to start getting your machinery in motion right from the time you are still in college.
Network at every opportunity – Another good thing that can help you find jobs in New York City is your network of friends and acquaintances.
Be open-minded – You may find it quite beneficial to have an open mind about the kind of jobs you what to take up.
Your chances of finding jobs in New York City are greater, especially if your dream career is in finance or investing field or related support areas such as public relations and marketing. Restaurant JobsTeens just like you get started in Food Services Jobs where you can build experience.

Data entry jobs are probably one of the easiest jobs to do, especially in terms of experience and skill requirements.
Part-time jobs for students, both those in high schools and colleges, offer a good means of getting extra money to take care of bills while in school.
Gone are the days when virtually all jobs required employees to be on a work site or in an office provided by an employer to get jobs done. But the CEO of one big restaurant chain worries that boosting the minimum wage to $15 an hour could hurt teens looking for their first job. Some people like government jobs because of their belief that these offer greater level of security than those available in the private sector.
Those groups of students below the age of 18 are faced with restrictions on the kind of jobs that they can take up and the number of hours they can work. Babysitting jobs for teens are worthy of consideration by any young person who is good with kids and looking to have a job that will help complement his or her increasingly inadequate allowance. A significant rise in this type of jobs has been witnessed over the last two decades or so with soaring use of the Internet.

Such jobs also help to enhance the chances of high school students gaining admission into their preferred colleges and universities. This is for diverse reasons which could include the energy, high motivation and, perhaps, saving that hiring teens bring to a business. The usefulness of these professionals, combined with an ageing population, has ensured that the outlook for medical assistant jobs remains positive. If that happens to be the case, presented in this post is guidance on how to be successful in finding jobs in New York City.
These two sectors provide a significant number of jobs in the economy, with a good number of these roles interestingly not requiring college education.

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