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When Erin Swiatek began looking for a job last summer, she scoured her neighborhood for employment, but found even the fast food restaurants in the area around her home weren’t hiring. The Junior Rangers and Boulder County Youth Corps are organizations that exclusively hire youth for jobs like building trails, landscaping, forestry work and historic restoration. Few organizations exclusively hire teens, and WFBC Director Tom Miller says overall the last three to four years have been especially challenging, and the statistical information proves it. The overall unemployment situation may be pushing older people into finding any means of employment, often below their skill levels, in an effort to provide for their families, and Miller says employers are more inclined to offer jobs for these older applicants. Jane Ganz, a WFBC supervisor who works with the youth program team, says youth often face these preexisting stereotypes of immaturity and unreliability, both of which are often unfounded but can seriously discourage employers from hiring youth.
Well, I'm one of the "old farts" that had to take a job that usually illegal aliens and teens would have. Note to our teen readers: For safety reasons, please don't post your email address in the comments section.
From left, Asia Evans, Alexa Sanders, and Tanya Hufford got jobs at Netty's on Monroe Street, where hiring has been cut. Although not necessarily bleak, the job picture this summer for area teens seems to be mixed, with some employers cutting back on openings but others holding the line. The teen job market also is being squeezed by the economy, which has led to fewer jobs openings, and last year's rise in the minimum wage to $7 an hour from $5.15, which has given some employers pause when hiring.

In Sylvania, Charles Nyitray, owner of Charlie's Home Made Ice Cream & Edibles Inc., has been well known in the community for giving high school students jobs in his ice cream parlor and Italian restaurant.
Another factor hurting job prospects is that when teens get jobs, they are reluctant to give them up. John Challenger, president of an outplacement firm in Chicago, said teens looking for seasonal work are in a tough spot this summer. Jim Blanchard, owner of Blanchard Tree & Lawn Co., hired six teens to fill landscaping jobs, the same as last year. The Toledo Zoo, for example, has hired 50 employees between 16 and 18 to fill visitor services, cafe, merchandise sales, catering, and park operations jobs. Teenage job seekers still looking for work might do well to try a favorite teen hangout, Westfield Franklin Park. Fewer summer jobs for youth mean less exposure to work environments and ultimately less time to build the skills and experiences needed for career track employment. But if you're a job hunting teenager or the parent of one, don't let this news discourage you. Surveys show only 42 to 44 percent of teens 16 to 19 are seeking jobs, with the rest going to summer camps, programs, or classes.
If it weren't for immigration, our population would have stabilized a long time ago and the fifth generation Americans whose families have paid the equivalent in millions of dollars to build the country over the last hundred years would have jobs and a livable economy.

Although increased competition has raised the bar for all applicants there are still plenty of options for teens to consider as the school year comes to an end. The great news for teens: theaters love to hire them to run concession stands, act as ushers and sell tickets. To make your search a little easier, we've compiled a list of companies and industries that are teen-friendly and ready to hire. Sonic Drive-In is another fast food retailer that's ramped up hiring; it's even posted openings for roller-skating carhops! Their hiring practices also usually fall in line with their states' minimum age requirements.
Teens can work in a variety of roles ranging from ticket attendant to rides or games operator to working at a food stand.
These gigs also have the potential to turn into steady jobs that students can juggle through their final years of high school.

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