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I grew up thinking that if I wanted to get a good job as an adult, I had to go to college and get a degree in the field I wanted to work in. So many of us hold on to the idea that we have to have a degree in tech if we want a job in tech. These are all qualifications you can meet through experience at other jobs, or through your own personal social media accounts.
On your resume, stress any communications and strategy experience you have with other jobs (or volunteer work!), and be sure to link to your social media accounts! You can meet these qualifications through your own personal social media accounts, as well as through other jobs you might have held, even in roles you might not think of like, like working as a server or barista. Make sure that you stress your communication and strategy experience in your resume, as well as links to your public social media profiles. When applying for these jobs, stress the experience you have with research and data-driven decision-making.

If you want to get into a digital career in a much more technical sense, then acquiring the skills to become a junior developer is a great place to start. If you love beautifully designed mobile apps and have a hard time using apps that aren’t well-designed, no matter how useful they are, then mobile app design might be right up your alley.
But there are countless examples out there of successful people in tech who don’t have a tech-related degree.
But, in customer service, you’re the one on the front lines of making sure that customers are happy with the product. Junior developers help create the code behind the websites and applications that we use every day. The good news is that you certainly don’t need an entirely new degree; there are tons of other options for learning those skills, from formal courses to tutorials to thousands of books and articles about the subject. It also has one of the highest average salaries you’ll find among jobs that don’t require a ton of specialized education.

There’s no time like the present to get started on a great new digital career path, one that doesn’t require you to try to squeeze college classes into your already busy life.
Some might require you to learn some new skills, but none of them mean going back to college. You’ll need a great portfolio to show off your skills (as mentioned above), but beyond that, minimal qualifications are required. And the job opportunities are huge, regardless of where you live thanks to the huge number of remote jobs out there. And if I wanted to be a writer (what I desperately wanted to be), I better get a degree in English.

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