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The tools you choose to use in your job search should be appropriate for the kind of job you want. We are pleased to share with you ways to take your job search beyond the resume and to other tools that can help you find that job you love.
We wrote this book as our way of sharing with everyone what we think is a great resource for job seekers and we wanted to be sure you could gain knowledge from our experiences.

The Interview Doctor®, originally founded in 2004 and launched in 2005, offers individual candidates and companies a better way to interview more successfully to find the job or candidate you love and make a better match. We will give your our professional opinion along with suggestions for improvement you can use to see results in your job search.
However, a resume is not necessarily the centerpiece of today’s job search as it was in the past.

You will talk to an experienced Interview Doctor so we understand your goals and accomplishments, then review one or more drafts before finally approving a new resume that supports you in your job search.

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