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One of the worlds biggest melting pots, New York city is a unique place to visit and each summer many students and backpackers from all over the world descend on the big apple to spend anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months working in one of the many New York city summer jobs available in the city each year.
If you are a student looking for a fun summer job in a city that offers round the clock action then you need not look any further. Normally most New York city summer jobs for students will be available from early June until late September. New York certainly is one of the most popular cities to travel to and that includes when it comes to looking into summer jobs.
Spending time as a student working abroad in New York city is a special experience, you will be able to immerse yourself in New York lifestyle and meet many great individuals, including other students who are spending their summer in New York working.
During the summer months there is a major influx of visitors and an increased demand for summer seasonal staff to fill tourist related jobs at this location. NYC Park & Recreation District - The park district which manages various recreational facilities throughout New York employs many seasonal staff members during the summer months. These are just some ideas of great places which offer New York City summer jobs for students, if you are serious about landing a summer job in New York this year then we would recommend you start your research early and look into all of the different options that are available.
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Fruit Picking Australia - Visit one of the most amazing countries on the planet and earn money to pay for you trip by helping out on farms, orchards & vineyards. Summer Camp Jobs - find all the information you need on different opportunities that are offered at summer camps. Summer Resort Jobs - Opportunities to work and play in some of the most amazing summer beach resorts at home and abraod.
Jobs On Cruise Ships - If you want to travel and see the world the a cruise ship job can be a wonderful way to do this.
Winter Ski Resort Jobs - Find details on the various opportunities that you will find working in a winter ski resort. If you are an international student looking to land a summer job abroad in new York city then you will need to apply for a work abroad visa to be eligible to work in the United States, these normally have a variety of different restriction on them and clearly state when you can start your New York city summer job and when you must finish by. Most organization that arrange work abroad programs for students looking for summer jobs in the US will help you not only secure your work abroad visa so that you are eligible to work in the US but they will also help you land a summer job in NYC, help you with accommodation and also give you advice on travel to and from New York or whichever destination you end up decided to travel to for your summer job. Be carefully when deciding on an organization to go through and make sure you have done your homework as organizations will charge different fees for their services and some less reputable organizations may not even be able to help you find a summer job in New York. Each year thousands of travelers flock to NYC and one of their main places to visit is the famous green lady and the first point of entry into the United States for so many immigrants.

They offer a variety of different opportunities, many are office based administrative positions, others are out in the field helping to maintain recreational facilities and there are also positions working with children and helping run the various summer programs that the park district offer for children. If you research different opportunities thoroughly to ensure you find the perfect one for you then the chances are you will have a fantastic summer in a great city. How about looking into one of the fun student summer jobs abroad that are offered each year!
When researching be sure to check out all of the different details some visas are very much different than other and limit the opportunities that are available to you when it comes to applying for a job in New York. If you are interested in business and a possible career in the financial markets then this could serve as a great option for a summer job.
There are numerous opportunities for you to land a summer job or complete an internship with one of these companies. For more information please visit our CONTRIBUTE section and send us the details of your adventures.

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