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Katlyn Pratt, who is from Baldwin City and attends Johnson County Community College, works at the checkout counter May 31 at the Baldwin City Market. As a baseball player at Baker University and native of Baldwin City, umpiring youth baseball and softball games for the Baldwin City Recreation Commission is something Durr naturally enjoys. The BCRC is one opportunity in Baldwin City for high school and college students to find summer employment. Brice Soeken, BCRC sports coordinator, has nine Baker University and Baldwin High School students working for him as either supervisors or umpires this summer.
The Baldwin City Market is another local business that usually receives more job applications from high school and college students than it can fill. The store likes to hire sophomores or juniors in high school so they can work for several years before leaving for college, Jarvis said. Durr said despite still looking for a second job, it was reassuring knowing he had the umpiring job waiting for him each summer.

Jarvis has worked at the Baldwin City Market for nine years and said she has had a great experience working with the students. BONUS: You can also show the summer work (or any work you do) as an extra-curricular activity that Admissions officers like to see.
Another added bonus of having a job over the summer is it will take your mind off of the impending start of college. Regardless of what you do, having a job keeps you disciplined and ready for the fast paced environment of college.
Or you can search for jobs the old fashioned way – look in the classifieds section of your local paper or go around to businesses in your area and ask to fill out an application.
Soeken understands why students take the jobs, as he worked as a referee and umpire throughout his college years. This spring, the store had 30 applicants, with only six receiving one-on-one interviews for positions.

Durr believes it is important to be able to keep students working in Baldwin, and ultimately that is what he would like to do. Soeken said he always has more applicants than job openings to fill and rarely has to advertise for jobs. Sue Jarvis, assistant manager at the Baldwin City Market, said the store employs about eight high school and four or five college students. However, he expects the money he earns throughout the summer to last past the beginning of the school year.

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