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Top 10 Successful Social Media Campaign Ideas – May 2015 - The FloTape Post You are using an outdated browser. Brands can get into a rut with different social networks, using the same tactics over and over again.
Oreos launched creative PSA-style social media content to promote its new s’mores flavor. Together with 360i, Oreo launched a whimsical campaign for its new s’mores flavored cookie.
This entry was posted in Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing by Rebecca Gibson.Rebecca is a Client Success Manager for Postano, where she makes clients look like rockstars throughout their partnership. Before you start your social media activities, ensure that your social media accounts are live and updated on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media channels.
Every campaign has a specific set of goals which includes a variety of things ranging from newsletter signups, e-book downloads, to generating leads for business.

Without the frenzy of Black Friday or holiday season, summer is the perfect down time to produce compelling social media campaigns. Here are some social media campaigns that have shown fresh perspectives on utilizing social media and user generated content to tell a story. The flavor was launched over Memorial Day weekend with a playful PSA-style campaign debuted on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube.
In the world of social media, trend is the most important factor in driving the efforts of your marketing campaign. The reason to measure your campaigns is not just to have metrics in place, but rather to learn what efforts have been successful and what efforts need to be improved. Turkish Airlines has been upping its ante on its social media game, and decided to be the first to Periscope a flight. The success of you campaign is judged by how close you are to your goal, within the shortest span of time.

Optimize your campaign to ensure that you give more importance to the most relevant platform for your company. The campaign targets both the digital millennial consumer, as well as an older crowd with the retro style content and imagery. While your content is one half of the campaign, metrics and measurement are the other half of the campaign. There was a microsite developed for the campaign which showcased all the entries of the contest.

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