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Danny Goodwin formerly was Associate Editor of Search Engine Watch, where he also covered the latest search marketing and industry news. Predictive search is nothing new, but as YouTube has grown to the second-largest search engine, it's spread to video. Analyzing fake views for major video portals, a team of European researchers found that YouTube's fraud detection is by far the most sophisticated - but it still charges for those views. With the explosive popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, some small businesses overlook the marketing potential of well crafted videos via video hosting websites like YouTube and others. YouTube’s statistics indicate that each month there are more than 1 billion unique users, and over 6 billion hours of video watched.
Kapost, a comprehensive content marketing management solution tool, providing one-stop access to planned and published content. According to Michael Stelzner, the founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, the more subscribers you have on your YouTube channel, the more chances you have of them seeing your video content in their subscription feed.

Stelzner claims YouTube considers your subscriber count as one of the deciding factors to decide whether your content is relevant. Call or email for a free consultation that includes an analysis of your website from a Marketing and Sales perspective. Yes, YouTube is celebrating its sixth birthday this month, and has shared a couple of impressive new statistics: 48 hours of video are now uploaded per minute, and YouTube has surpassed 3 billion views per day. One of the most interesting ones was revealed back in April, when the YouTube blog reported that 30 percent of videos make up 99 percent of views on the site. To celebrate our commitment to delivering industry-leading search engine and search marketing news, we're launching Connect - a brand new industry event.
If there are two videos on the same topic, and you have 20,000 YouTube subscribers in contrast to another person who has only 200 subscribers, your chance of getting ranked in the YouTube search engine is much higher. And although Chitwood believes longer videos are becoming an ever-more integral part of content marketing strategy, it’s best to to keep video content as compact as possible, because no matter how good your content is, it won’t matter if you lose your viewer’s attention.

If your video is ranked #3 for your prospective keyword, yet everyone is choosing to click on YOUR thumbnail over #1 and #2?s thumbnail, chances are YouTube will bump you up in the rankings. Also, Google’s algorithms consider how many times a video is viewed, and embedded video views you receive get added to the ‘views’ tally on YouTube.
And remember Google owns YouTube, so there’s a story connection between video and searching.

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