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The recession had devastating effects on employment in Kentucky, and the recovery is only gradually lifting the state out of a deep hole. Kentucky’s economy is in the beginnings of recovery and the unemployment rate is slowly falling, but many of the state’s workers still struggle to find jobs and to obtain full-time work.
The State of Working Kentucky 2012 is a series of blog posts highlighting how Kentucky workers and families are faring in key indicators of economic well-being including employment, income and wages.

The economy’s collapse drove up the state’s unemployment rate, forced higher levels of part-time work from those who would prefer full-time jobs and led to historically high rates of long-term unemployment. And while Kentucky’s unemployment rates in recent years are comparable to those in the deep recession of the early 1980s, the state’s long-term unemployment rates from 2009 to 2011 were by far the highest in the past 30 years. Kentucky’s jobless will feel the negative effects of continued high unemployment even more deeply if emergency unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed are not extended past the end of this year.

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