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This 117 page guide is for graphic designers, developers, writers, photographers, and any other individual interested in starting and running their own freelance business.
The guide and essential resources in this bundle will help bring your freelance business to life and will put you on the path towards freelance success.
The 117 page PDF guide on starting and growing a successful freelance career – full of transparent insight, honest advice, and practical examples. Five essential freelance document samples: Freelance Business Plan, General Contract, Invoice, Income Report, and Hourly Rate Formula. In today’s world every person and business has an online account somewhere, and with that you’ll need a large variety of icons for your website or design work. Included with the guide and essential resources you get everything else you’ll need to start and run a freelance business.

Seven freelance video tips: Transitioning into freelance, working under your own name, pricing your services, giving your website a purpose, finding clients, my process to landing projects, and how to diversify your income.
Put what you read in the guide to use with an actionable list of to-do’s that will help you build your new freelance business from the ground up. Utilize this clean, fresh, and responsive Wordpress theme by Tink Tank to build your freelance portfolio and blog. If you don’t have any experience with running a business (finances, time management, client communication, etc.) don’t worry. If you don’t find value in your purchase I’ll be a bit disappointed, but, just contact me within 30 days with your purchase receipt and I’ll issue a full refund.Thanks for checking out my guide!
When he’s not working with his clients, he’s writing for Your Freelance Career – his community driven blog geared towards helping freelancers grow their businesses.

The future of your freelance career is ultimately in your hands, and the journey is yours to shape into what you want it to be. My hope is that one of these bundles can make your life easier, give you inspiration, and the knowledge needed to get you started in growing your own freelance career. Plenty of online resources discuss the finer details of mailing lists, promotions, Facebook business pages and Google Ad campaigns, but the real way to build a customer base is to make good products (or offer good services), get satisfied customers, and use a combination of advertising and word of mouth to slowly bring more and more people to your business. To learn more about paying taxes on your earnings and licenses required, consult a professional advisor.

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