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Utilizing statistics gleaned from such trusted resources as Forbes, Money Magazine, Wikipedia and Wonderslist, we have created our own list of what we anticipate to be the best paying jobs for women in America for 2013. This widely diverse field offers extensive opportunities for women, with more than 71% of the jobs in this arena filled by female psychologists. Surprisingly enough, this is one field in which women actually earn over 5% more than men in the same jobs. Another quickly expanding field of opportunity for professional women is one already dominated by a majority of women holding 85% of the jobs as Nurse Practitioners. Although more woman than ever are managing to crash through the glass ceiling and work their way to the top of their companies, other women are pioneering new CEO positions by starting up their own companies.

Starting with Number 10, we’ll tell you how much money you can earn working in these interesting and challenging professions. Less than 20% of jobs in this area are currently filled by women, and the wage gap is a little less than in other professions at 14% lower than male earnings. Regardless of the route taken to the leadership position, women are currently holding 25% of CEO jobs, while still making more than 30% less than their male counterparts. There are countless bright women out there who are obtaining graduate degrees in Psychology. Women continue to struggle to be recognized for their abilities in the workplace, and in light of that ongoing struggle are discovering the very best paying jobs for women in the U.S.

There are extensive Master’s Programs and Doctoral Programs for a PHD in Psychology that allows you to soar to the top in your field. Remember that you can always pursue a certificate in Psychology online if you have a busy schedule. At the very least, it can’t hurt to get more info on your options and start working toward a obtaining your certificate in Psychology today.

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