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Writing sounds boring in a world of quick-witted retorts and anecdotes, compressed into 140 characters or broken down into acronyms, but the truth is, writing with skill is a big part of every sports job you will ever have.
A graduate of the prestigious Indiana University School of Journalism, Hindman originally wanted to be a newspaper reporter, but landed in sports marketing where her journalism background still serves her well. Hindman: Social media is our opportunity to connect with fans and to do that, we need to step outside of the press release speak. During the season, I spend non-game days executing our marketing plan, analyzing how the previous week’s advertising did and making any adjustments to our plan.
Former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask is one of the few women to hold executive level positions in sports. It’s not an easy industry, for men or women, to balance family time with, and I wonder what if any culture changes front offices will see as more and more women join the ranks.
As far as job opportunities being purely merit-based, even with more women in front offices, they do still face more scrutiny in regard to why they want to work in sports. At 27 years of age, I interned with a minor league baseball team and then a minor league hockey team, and suddenly teams started calling me back.

Roles for women in sports are growing especially in entry and mid-level positions, but the executive level still needs more women.
If you are in a non-sports career, but want to transition to sports, consider an online program in sports management – it could be your ticket in!
Sports is a fast-paced industry, especially on game nights and we often have to think on our feet. I think we are mostly beyond the time when women had to prove that they are knowledgeable about sports, but there are still hurdles. I started to apply for jobs with teams and colleges but found it difficult to make the transition from non-sports marketing to sports marketing. But even more important than adding that sport management degree on my resume was the fact that I went back and did a couple of sport internships as a grad student.
I’d suggest taking some sports specific classes as well if your university offers them.
I always expect to provide guidance to them, but I want to know that they have the confidence and skills to work with others to get projects done.

I always ask candidates to tell me about a time that something went wrong and they came up with a quick solution to fix it. Think video editing, camera work, audio, technical directing, graphics – those can be really great ways to break into the sports media, then you can always shift to a more journalistic based role. I started as a video editor, hired primarily because I was very good at non-linear editing…then I made the move to associate producer, producer, coordinator producer and news director running the studio production and news reporting of an entire regional sports network.
Have him look to smaller companies, maybe a local marketing company, a minor league baseball team or within the school’s athletic department etc.

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