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From high-profile major league and international contests to local professional and amateur events, spectator sports are an increasingly popular source of entertainment. Sports information directors act as a liaison between teams and athletic departments on the one hand and the news media on the other. Athletic directors and general managers coordinate the activities of teams and athletic departments.
Sports management professionals combine a love for athletics with business and marketing savvy. Sports management is an intensely competitive career field, and individuals wishing to break into it should be prepared to work long hours.
Many top sports supervisors, marketers, and agents are trained as attorneys or have graduate degrees in business management. Many sports management professionals enter the field with low-level, unglamorous jobs and work their way up. Work conditions for sports management professionals varies widely depending on the organization or institution for which they work.
The amount of money to be made in sports management varies widely according to the level of competition and the value of the teams or athletes involved. Good to know that this multi-million sports industry employ sports management graduates or other related course even provide training or additional education.
Average Sports Marketing Sports Management Operations Agent salaries for job postings in Union, NJ are 36% higher than average Sports Marketing Sports Management Operations Agent salaries for job postings nationwide. Average Manager Sport Marketing Product Management Latin America salaries for job postings in New York, NY are 36% higher than average Manager Sport Marketing Product Management Latin America salaries for job postings nationwide. Professionals in the sports management industry can hold any number of jobs with a wide variety of responsibilities. Agents and Managers for Artists and Athletes are their own separate category whose income data is presented as a mean annual wage of $89,840. A degree in sports management will prepare you to do the duties of many of these careers, but factors such as personal experience, location, and who you know are likely to affect what type of organization you work for.
Going Pro: For many workers in the sporting world, going pro is the goal that is always on the horizon.
The BLS keeps detailed statistics on job outlooks all over the country for various sports management related careers, and they’ve got a good breakdown of where the best places in the U.S.
Below is a chart of mean wages for agents and business managers of athletes and other performers from The BLS.
A lot of sports managers slide directly from their careers as amateur athletes into managerial positions, but going to college for sports management can give you sharper business skills and a better eye for the economics of sport than you’ll get from just playing the game. Principles of Sports Finance and Accounting: This class will teach you how to manage a team’s budget by balancing out income and expenditures. Sports Media and Broadcast Relations: This is more of a public relations job, but for a sports lover, what could be better than managing how their favorite team looks on TV.
Non-traditional Revenue Strategies: Sports inspires passion, extreme loyalty, and a crazy amount of chips and dip consumption, but ultimately, sports teams exist to make money, and learning how to leverage a sports team in unique ways to pull in money is a skill that will make you desirable in any sports management job setting. Since you found this website, you’ve probably already got some experience and strong interest in sports, and specifically sports management. Statistics show that people with more education earn more money and have lower overall unemployment rates.

Ashford University — Your BA in Sports and Recreation Management or Marketing degree can be completed entirely online, and you can transfer up to 90 credits, accelerating the process further. Liberty University — The focus of Liberty University's MS in Sports Management is how organizational skills and leadership plays a role in sports organizations and athletic programs. Northcentral University — Northcentral University offers online programs for an EdD or PhD in Sports Management which prepares students for high profile and leadership positions. Adelphi University — For a practical approach to your education with hands-on training and career-oriented curriculum, Adelphi University provides an online degree for the MS in Sport Management program.
The multibillion-dollar sports industry offers employment opportunities for management, marketing, and supervisory professionals at all levels of competition.
Promotion and development directors are hired by sports teams and school athletic programs to design and implement promotional campaigns that will increase ticket sales. They prepare press guides and press releases and organize "media days" at which athletes and coaches make themselves available to reporters, photographers, and the broadcast media.
They are responsible for personnel decisions involving coaches, athletes, and support staff; and they often supervise employees who manage sports facilities. They negotiate playing or coaching contracts, work out product endorsement fees, and provide financial, investment, and tax advice. Some universities offer programs in sports management; other recommended courses of study include marketing, accounting, business management, and business law. The educational levels of individuals engaged in the highest levels of negotiations over player contracts, product endorsements, and television rights will continue to increase as the amount of money involved in sports promotion grows. Opportunities in sports management and marketing should grow in the coming years; however, competition for jobs in this "glamour" industry will be intense. For example, a sports event manager will make significantly less than an athletic director at a Division I university.
More specific data for this group, including wage and job prospect info by location within the U.S. Many sports managers started out as high school and college athletes at schools that are regularly visited by big league scouts.
Since sports teams typically travel for a lot of their games, and play games in the evening and on the weekends, there’s a good chance you’ll have weird working hours and lots of time away from home in any of these career paths.
Keen competition and high turnover are standard for athletic competitors, but the sports management field can be just as fickle, especially as you ascend into the higher ranks of professional sports. The reality is that there are very few jobs at the top of the sporting food chain, and the likelihood of hitting the big-time for any given individual is almost nil. Classes in sports management degree programs teach you not only the business side of things, but how to integrate business and sport on an industrial level.
You’ll deal with payroll for players, asset acquisition, and making sure the appropriate taxes get paid. Some athletes are unionized, and the contracting process for professional athletes is so complicated you could build an entire career based on it.
From organizing interviews to covering up PR messes, this class will teach you how to keep a handle on the extremely public side of a professional sports team. Click around this site and you’ll find links to a variety of schools with programs in this area.
While a degree doesn’t guarantee you a job, it can certainly provide professional connections and in-depth knowledge that will make you a strong candidate for the jobs you want to get.

Ashford University was founded almost 100 years ago and its online division includes over 30 degrees at the associate, bachelor, and master level.
The program can be completed in less than two years and up to six credit hours can be transferred. Founded in 1996 in Prescott, Arizona, NCU is now the school of choice for over 10,000 students who are active in school events and organizations.
Groups employing sports management professionals include academic institutions, major league and minor league professional sports franchises, independent sports confederations (such as the Professional Golfers' Association), sporting goods companies, and independent sports marketing and management consulting firms.
Information directors may also be responsible for creating a club's official publications, including programs, commemorative magazines, and Web sites.
Athletic directors and general managers report to team owners (in the case of professional sports) or to university trustees and school boards (in the case of academic sports). Sports management professionals require sharp negotiating skills, shrewd political instincts, and an overwhelming desire to succeed. Individuals interested in a career as a sports information director should major in journalism and might consider working in the media before pursuing a career in sports management. Volunteering as a coach or official for local athletics is a good way to learn the basics of sports management and show a commitment to athletics and athletes.
The work often entails attending sports events at night and on weekends, although for a sports fan that aspect of the job is a tremendous perk. The Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers salary information for many sports management careers and lumps them into one big category of “Athletes, Coaches, Umpires, and Related Workers.” The following is a list of sports management careers, and their median salaries or job prospects according to The BLS. Finding a way to meet someone at reputable organization, or starting at an entry level job and working your way up, will make it more likely for you to work for the NFL or NBA than if you start out coaching little league. This is mostly applicable to athletes, but coaches, trainers, umpires, and referees are all putting themselves in the way of bodily harm every time they walk out onto the field.
A high school football coach could keep a job for years, but professional careers are made and broken on the success of a team in a season or even a few games.
Learning how to merchandise sports and how to squeeze bucks out of a team brand without diluting it too much is a major asset for anyone in the marketing side of sports management. There are governmental and private sources of funds just waiting to be tapped, so look around and talk to the financial aid counselors at the schools you’ve applied to for more information on how to have someone else pay for your education. Check out the lists of high quality, accredited sports management schools on this site to get started! Some are trained in other professional disciplines, such as law, accounting, or business management, and come to sports management via their original careers.
Networking is crucial for people who want to excel in the field of sports management, coaching, or agency.
While a sports manager’s career probably won’t be ended by an injury the way an athlete’s could be, this is still a very real risk for managers that get close to or on the field.
If you love sports, and you want to work in the industry and be around other sports fanatics all day, a sports management degree could be great for you, but the love has to come first! Benefits for sports management professionals working in a large organization generally include paid vacations and health and retirement plans.

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