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For the First Quarter of 2012, the Job Outlook Index registered 55 points, which was a 6-point rise from 49 points of the preceding quarter. Job Growth or Employment Prospects: For the First Quarter of 2012, 43 percent of the respondents felt that the general job outlook would be slightly better or much better for the next 12 months, which constituted a rise from the previous quarter’s 31 percent who answered similarly. Comparison with 1Q2011: According to the respondents, 43 percent forecasted that the job outlook for 2012 in the first quarter will be slightly better or much better.

Another 29% felt that the job outlook will remain the same for the First Quarter of 2012, which was the same with 2011.
Top specializations sought: The survey also asked respondents about the job specializations in current demand, should they decide to hire any new staff in the First Quarter of 2012. A higher index means that the industries are creating jobs and employment, while a lower index means the reverse with lesser jobs on offer.

The Group currently services over 80,000 corporate customers and over 10 million jobseekers in its database.

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