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Despite rising concern among many students about their future job prospects, the latest data shows most local authorities across the UK (96%) are open to applications from newly qualified social workers (NQSWs), even if they are not specifically targeting them in recruitment campaigns or job ads. Find out how much each local authority or health and social care trusts pays newly qualified social workers (excluding market supplements) using our interactive map.
I have been qualified as a social worker going on 4 years and only been for a handful of interviews. I have been told in the past that I need a car but personally I think this is pure snobbery as a car does not do the job the social worker does. Hey Julie , yes i have been qualified since 2012 and have been to stacks of interviews ( and i drive ) but no firm and final job offer . I graduated sep 2013 had my first interview for LA children and families team just before Christmas and got the job.
It’s such a shame that there are social workers struggling to get a job when we are desperate for more people to join our teams.
If you have any ambitions of working in stat social work then I think a car is common sense, not snobbery. I started working as a SW in an LA adult team a month after I finished my MA (which was my third interview) and there is simply no way I could do the job without a car. I’m a social worker in a mental health team and cycle across a large city to all appointments.
I’m Sorry to hear these stories of social work graduates unable to get work I graduated in September last year.

Universities are training too many people for the limited amount of social work posts out there.
For those who are struggling to find a socia lwork job, it may be useful to go back to the university you trained in as the careers service at uni is for life- this means that the staff there can help you with job searching, interviews, cvs etc.
I have found the whole process extremely frustrating, being that I have had no feedback from any social work posts at all. Sarah Shoolbred, Newly Qualified Social Worker"KCC offers a very supportive Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme providing an opportunity to develop and embed the knowledge and skills learnt into my practice. I have been doing voluntary work ever since graduating and applying for posts I know I can do.
I have been a support worker twice but there are options of working as a senior mentor with a group of 10 to 12 young people aged from 15 to 17. I also trained with social workers who did not drive and managed their work with no problems.
When i started training there was a shortage of social workers and i think between new graduates not being able to register with hcpc unless they are working and the assessed year and many senior social workers leaving the profession , we will see that shortage again. I qualified in September 2013, had my first interview a couple of months after for a LA children and families team and fortunately got the job. I have known 2 social workers in all that time who didnt drive and it just made the job so much trickier. One of my colleagues travels to visits on buses, so you do not need a car unless you are working in rural areas.

This current trend managers asking for only apply if one has 2+ yrs experience is sad and what chances do NQSW have. If you keep the links open with the university sometimes jobs can develop from old lecturers too. My time and case load has been protected with an increase in complexity over the course of the year to reflect the progress that I have made as a qualified practitioner. I have undertaken further study at my expense to enhance my knowledge of certain subjects but still no paid work. Actual council posts , i have not seen a one here in the north west .Not sure whats going on to be fair but i know the work is there perhaps many managers feel we are not up to it and perhaps we would end up before a practice panel.
Supervision has been excellent throughout and has contributed to my ongoing critical reflection and analysis of my work and assessing risk. Sad indeed as other professionals such as nurses or junior doctors secure jobs with no post experience requirements. I am finding it increasingly difficult to find a permanent job as they only want experienced social workers in Adults. I wouldnt be able to take on the level of work they expected of me, if i couldnt be out of the road doing 4 or 5 assessments a day, get out and meet a colleague in a tricky situation or respond immediately to a child who has to be collected or removed from a dangerous situation.

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