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Belmont University Social Work Club wins the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Tennessee Chapter 2011 Social Work Student Organization of the Year Award!
MSW Programs Master's in Social WorkA masters degree in social work prepares students to help improve people's lives and their overall wellbeing. Social workers play a vital role in the lives of people with conflicts at home, drug abuse, disabilities, chronic illnesses and other life-destructive issues.
Master’s programs in social work or an MSW prepare graduates for a future in specialized research, assessment and social service distribution. Some social work graduate programs offer coursework focused on the desired industry where students hope to work such as a hospital setting, government agency or school.
In addition to classroom-based learning, students are typically required to complete a certain amount of field work as specified by their program. A master’s degree in social work is usually required for entry level positions as practitioners, as almost always required to advance to senior-level positions. These workers are behind-the-scenes practitioners who are devoted to implementing new policies that streamline protocol and systems to improve the wellbeing of people.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were 607,300 social worker employed in the United States. In 2012 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median annual salary for social workers was $44,200. The School Social Work program is a joint program of the Social Work Department and Belmont's School of Education, enhanced with additional courses in education and school social work and requiring a field placement in a school setting.

The free day camps will be operated by 32 college-age interns living on the campus of Belmont University and working weekdays at the camp sites, which are expected to serve approximately 300 children. As a teen, Keller Hawkins loved youth group at Nashville’s Belmont UMC, but experienced a spiritual void once she became a college student. The Nashville-based nonprofit organization will launch this May modeled after Project Transformation Texas. The interns will live on the campus of Belmont University and commute each day to operate free eight-week summer day camps for children in four underserved Nashville neighborhoods.
If you show sensitivity toward others, maturity, responsibility, independent effectiveness, and strong communication skills, you hold of the necessary attributes needed to succeed as a social worker.
Although every program is different, typically students are required to complete no less than 900 hours of internship work and two years of coursework, although 4 years is typical for part-time students, in order to graduate. It is generally expected that a social work professional holds a MSW degree in order to practice.
This track is designed for students who wish to conduct fieldwork where they will directly counsel patients who may suffer from mental health issues, family conflicts, drug abuse and other issues seeking the help of a social worker. Career paths for social workers range from consulting, teaching or working with governments in researching, analyzing and recommending policy.
Typically, this involves a range of responsibilities from working with neglected children and navigating the foster home system, to working in schools to promote student health and behavior. They can work in a variety of agency and organization settings including hospitals, family services organizations, local governments and personal care agencies.

In essence, it is a one-day event where nonprofit social service providers, government agencies, medical providers, and businesses come together to offer an array of services to Nashville's homeless population as well as individuals and families on the brink of homelessness.
Her experience was enriched by living and working for 10 weeks with nine other interns on her team and by attending Friday ministry exploration outings such as visiting the Perkins School of Theology in Dallas. There is a wide scope of opportunities for a social worker, but typically, there are four primary roles or specialties from which a social worker chooses for his or her career. This helps those social workers who directly counsel patients to be more effective in their treatments. The median annual salary for social workers employed in child, family, and school services was $41,530, the median salary for healthcare social workers was $49,830, and the median salary for mental health and substance abuse social workers was $39,980. Social workers are engaged in all levels of government to promote various agencies dealing with families, children and education systems.
These practitioners can typically be found in personal care treatment or family centers, substance abuse treatment facilities, local government agencies and hospitals.

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