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Social networking sites are no more a hub to keep up with friends, chat and share music, photos or videos, but a place for cyber crimes.
Start with some facts for a survey of 1,501 kids between the ages of 10 and 17 concluded that around 1 and 4 had an unwanted exposure to some kind of image of naked people or people who are having sex in the last year. One in 33 kids have been asked by someone to meet them somewhere or called them or sent them regular mail, money or gifts. Now if your child uses any one or more of these social networking sites, you must be concerned about the fact what exactly they are doing online, and if they are staying safe. When your child is registering at a social networking site, visit it and explore it yourself.
In case you can access your child’s privacy settings on a social networking site ensure that the privacy is set up correctly.
It’s important to limit the number of friends that your child allows on the social networking site.

In case you don’t wanna poke into what your child is doing let them enjoy with their friends on the social networking sites especially build for kids. Sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter have become the fastest growing social networking sites for teens and even kids to socialize with known and unknown faces. A Facebook profile of your child might have loads of things that they don’t wanna see.
Go through the reviews and posts about the website and see what other parents have recommended. You can make their friends list on the social network and block any other unknown user form send friends request.
It records the emails, chats, IMs, websites, web searches, programs run, keystrokes typed, files transferred, screen snapshots-plus-offer chat blocking, Internet Access Blocking, Instant Notification Alerts and more. These apart, if your child is too eager to get a profile on Facebook, let him opt for the Facebook for kids.

What’s more, you might have also read stories of teens becoming victims of the sexual predators through the social networking sites.
You might also send your queries to the administrator of the website and have a close look at their response. The KeyCarbon USB keylogger is perfect solution for monitoring your child’s activity on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. WIth the help of the online control panel you can search the results to monitor your kids activity on social networking sites remotely.

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