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Fanlala has all the features of a traditional MySpace-style social networking site, with blogging, sharing, and group features. Teachers use Edmodo to connect with their classes in a safe, easy way and customize virtual classrooms for each learner. Parental consent is required for kids to join Club Penguin, a Disney massively multiplayer online game (MMO) site, and the game is moderated at all times.
Jordan told us with excitement about all the features available at Fantage such as fashion shows, games, and engaging social aspects. Fantage won the Children’s Technology Review Editors Choice Award in 2009 and is certified kidSAFE+ CERTIFIED by kidSAFE Seal Program.
It’s hard to find a balance between keeping kids safe and allowing them to be kids and have fun, especially when it comes to social networking.

Facebook and other social networking sites have minimum age requirements that some kids get around by lying about the year they were born. It’s advisable for parents to go through these safety tips with their child so both are prepared for all the internet has to offer and the dangers it threatens. Still, all the kid-friendly social networking sites in the world won’t help if kids find the adult versions more fun.
The monitoring settings offer you the choice to approve kids’ posts and friend requests.
Kids can report problems with an easy click of the moderator button when something’s not quite right. We researched kid-friendly sites and then talked to kids to get a feel for the fun factor to collect four kid-approved sites.

Reviews posted on Common Sense Media say that Fanlala is age appropriate, and kids love it. For example, they can share their favorite color or what they are doing, but not their address or any other compromising information.
Theme parties are held from time to time where kids can dress their avatars in costumes like Alice or the Queen of Hearts. It's called growing up.It's doubtful this news will force the social media sites to make their criteria for starting a profile more difficult.

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