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Animated social network powerpoint template , The social media toolkit is a fully animated powerpoint template with customizable sample slides to create presentations about social media..
The social network – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The social network 2010 american drama film directed david fincher written aaron sorkin. Social networking service – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A social networking service ( social networking site sns) platform build social networks social relations people share interests.
Besides HTML, ThemeKit also includes an Admin Template AngularJS version – enhanced for web apps! ThemeKit is built with the latest tools and technologies available for front-end development, including Grunt for task automation, Bower for assets and plugin management, Swig for HTML templating, BrowserSync as a web server capable to synchronize multiple browsers and preview changes live in the browser and much more. Full–fledged Social Network Theme with specialized user interface and components such as Timelines, Covers, Profiles, Comments, Chat and many more.

Just like the Social Theme 1, this new Social Network Theme presents all the features required by any Social Network Website with a refreshing new layout. With the same level of detail and features specially crafted for Social Networks, this Social Network Theme is wrapped with a new boxed layout.
Normally, creating a design like Socialize would cost you thousands of dollars, but we already spent the money, so that you can get it for a fraction of our costs! ThemeKit includes five dedicated RTL modules for the Admin theme, Music theme and all three Social themes.
A template and a module that with one simple swoop addresses all these issues and puts you back on track to having a hugely successful community that you want! It was designed to make your community look, feel and behave like one of the BIG social networks, NO LESS!

Socialize will make your site ADDICTIVE and your community VISIBLE and turn your empty stream into an exciting activity stream where people post, share and engage! This concise ebook will show you how to promote your course on the Web’s most important social media platform. If you have an active JomSocial license, Socialize is yours for just $69.99, a full 30% discount.

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