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Let’s review a list of 13 of the most successful startups by former Apple employees formed. Andy Rubin began his career at Apple in her late 80s, early 90s After leaving Apple in 1992, Rubin spent many positions at other companies before founding a startup company called Android. Earlier, from 2002 to 2007, Grothaus has held the position of business development strategies with partners.According Grothaus, precious time at Apple helped him learn skills critical business processes for starting a business later. In 2014, about one year after being stripped of leadership positions in Google Android, Andy Rubin is leaving the search giant and is leading other startups.

The author of this social network is Soren Macbeth, who assumes the position of analyst of information security at Apple in the mid-2000s. With views towards the electronic textbooks with interactive capabilities, Inkling is one of the names most noteworthy startups present in this field.
Next, Morin was one of the first employees at Facebook and also has an important contribution to the initial strategy of the social network as Facebook Connect. Most recently, Morin founded Path, a social network aims to bring intimate experience, closer to Facebook.

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