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Software as a Service (SaaS) is a new way of distributing software in which vendors or service providers, instead of selling it to companies, make it available to customers over the internet, using cloud-computing technology. Some of the benefits of the SaaS model are that it is easier to administrate, all users will have the same version of the software because updates and patch management will be done automatically, and therefore collaboration will be easier. As we know that, SaaS or Software as a Service web-based are the best alternative for the desktop based applications. So instead of companies installing software in their own servers, software providers host the software at theirs and just charge them according to the time they spent using it, or a monthly fee.

Cloud-based software and services were one of the trending topics at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona last week, and many telecommunications companies told us about their plans to implement SaaS in the interviews that Onbile held there.
Among its services they offer specialized medical software such as an integrated electronic medical records (EMR) service or a physician billing and practice management service. Its software solutions are divided in two solutions: UltiPro Enterprise, designed for larger companies (+1,000 employees), and UltiPro Workplace, conceived for smaller businesses (200-999 employees). It provides cost benefits to organizations because unlike the conventional desktop based solutions which require a licence, SaaS service is generally based on a monthly fee plan.

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