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Having your Social Media audience engage with your brand is the primary goal of any company, however if it is not planned and executed correctly, even the most engaging campaigns could fall short of the mark.
Other social media may not suffer from the need for immediacy that Twitter has, but it’s always better to be at the top of people’s news feeds.
Exploring new Social Media channels as they develop can help you better understand how they are used. The likelihood of generating audience engagement is directly linked to the timing of your posts, the content type, and the Social Media channel. Kona Company is a digital strategy firm, committed to providing integrated online marketing solutions. With nearly 20 years of digital marketing experience, we deliver customized solutions based on clearly defined goals and objectives. At Kona Company, we believe in cultivating a special sort of conversation–one that starts between us to identify your goals and evolves into your own to engage your audience. According to 2013’s Industry Report on Social Media 86% of marketers indicate that social media marketing is important.
89% of marketers stated that increased exposure was the number one benefit of social media marketing.
Now that these important questions have been identified, it’s time to take a deeper dive into the social channels to identify the best outlets for posting and advertising campaigns. Twitter – the top micro-blogging social network, Twitter allows over 250 million people to share 140 character messages and include photos and videos.
Instagram – Closing in on 200 million users after being acquired by Facebook, Instagram has been steadily growing into an important social network.

In Part 1 of this series, we reviewed the three T’s of Social Media Marketing: timing, tone and tools.
The success of a social media program can be determined by recognizing clear increases in the KPI’s that are most important to an organization. When building a social media plan for an organization, it is imperative to describe in detail what is expected from the team who will be responsible. However, don’t assume that all social media campaigns will generate similar results, continue to test and learn with each new opportunity. In the second installment of the series we will review the demographics and benefits of 6 social media channels.
After writing a social media plan, it’s time to get started with a posting and advertising strategy.
Because there are so many social channels, there may be a niche that works best for a particular brand or product. Most are using the network for business networking and are interacting with their news feed, their connections, their groups and their company pages. Then in Part 2, we reviewed the top social networks and explored how to determine which networks will be most impactful for a marketing program.
Social Media management tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Sprout Social are excellent ways to organize this data on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. This can include the tone, timing and tools for social media as well as which networks will be most significant to the organization. The landscape of social media is constantly changing, but as it does, we can discover new opportunities to use social media successfully.

Today we are going to review 6 social channels that could be an opportunity to reach your audience. However, direct response or sales focused campaigns will look to increase web or search traffic from social referrals.
Finally, determining the most suitable social media tracking and KPI’s in accordance with the goals of the business will deliver a recipe for success. The visual network rolled out video format recently and has plans to continue to expand their advertising options.
Pinterest is zeroing in on Facebook and Twitter for the most sharing social networks and has already overtaken email to become the third most popular sharing channel on the web. Facebook and Twitter also offer social media tracking and reporting applications but those will limit capabilities to just one network. The goal is for each team member to align their expectations and to clearly identify the most important and beneficial ways to track campaigns as described in the social media plan.
Brands including Sephora, Four Seasons and Lowe’s have found success in marketing through Pinterest.
These are both potentially outstanding ways of dialing in to your core audience, but both are Social Media channels that didn’t exist 5 years ago.

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